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Fireworks Ban FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the ban apply to only the discharge of fireworks?
The ban prohibits the sale and discharge of fireworks within the city limits of Tumwater. Fireworks, or “consumer” fireworks are defined by state law.

What are “consumer” fireworks?

Consumer fireworks means any small firework device designed to produce visible effects by combustion and including some small devices designed to produce audible effects, such as whistling devices, ground devices and aerial devices containing explosive materials.


Are there some small fireworks that are still allowed? 

Yes, Trick and novelty devices such as snakes, glow worms, party poppers, snappers, toy smoke devices, and toy caps are allowed.

Trick and novelty devices are any small fireworks devices that are not regulated as explosives and are not classified as consumer or display fireworks by the United States Department of Transportation (outlined in WAC 212-17-025(10)).

Does the ban prohibit sparklers?
Yes, sparklers are classified as consumer fireworks according WAC 212-17-025(10). Also see WAC 212-17-025(1)(a)

What other communities in Thurston County currently have fireworks bans in place?
The cities of Lacey and Olympia prohibit the purchase, sale and discharge of fireworks at all times.

Yelm, Tenino, Rainier, and Bucoda do not have bans in place. Unincorporated Thurston County limits discharge of fireworks to 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. on July 3rd and 4th only, and has adopted provisions to prohibit use when extreme fire danger conditions exist.

What are the penalties for discharging fireworks? 
Tumwater Municipal Code 8.30.080, describes the penalties for fireworks violations. It is an infraction to discharge consumer fireworks; provided however, if such discharge causes injury to another person or damage to property, it is a gross misdemeanor punishable by up to a $5,000 fine and/or up to 364 days in jail.

Does the ban apply to public fireworks displays, like the 4th of July show at the Golf Course?
No, licensed public displays are still allowed.

What should I do with unused fireworks?
Unused fireworks may be easily and safely disposed of at home:

  • Soak fireworks  overnight in a bucket or tub of water, then drain.
  • Place soaked fireworks in a heavy duty trash bag, and seal tightly.
  • Place the bag in your garbage container for pick-up.

Where do I get a permit for a public display?
Tumwater Fire Department reviews applications and issues permits for professional fireworks displays. Contact the Fire Department at (360) 754-4170 for more information.