Tumwater City Hall and all City facilities will be closed to the public until further notice. Visit our COVID-19 webpage for more information.

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Water Use Efficiency & Leak Detection Program

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The City of Tumwater is committed to the efficient use of our water resources.  Conserving water not only keeps the cost of water low for our customers, but also insures water for a growing population while protecting adequate water supplies for agriculture, industry, recreation and fish.

Over 14 different water conservation incentives make up Tumwater’s water conservation program.  These incentives are available for all sectors of our customer base, including commercial, residential and institutional customers.

For more information on the City's conservation program, read Chapter 3, Water Conservation, of the City's 2010 Comprehensive Water System Plan.

In addition to using water wisely, the City has an active Water Use Efficiency (WUE) program that seeks to reduce the amount of leakage within the water distribution system.  The City routinely checks the water system for leaks, and makes repairs as necessary.  Through this proactive approach, the City is able to maintain a leakage standard that is below the Washington State mandated level of 10 percent.