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How much water do you use?

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Find your water use

Your utility bill has a 13-month history of water use. You can use this feature to determine if your consumption is comparable to what you have used in the past. If it’s high, check for leaks or adjust your use accordingly.

Tumwater bills for water in units known as HCFs, which are 100 cubic feet – or 748 gallons. Water bills are formulated using a conservation-based tier structure, which means the more water you use, the more expensive it becomes.

Tumwater Water Rate Structure

Volume of water used (cubic feet) Charge per 100 cubic feet (HCF)

 water rate Structure  Use (per 100 Hcf) rate 
 Block 1  0-600  $1.69
 Block 2  601-1200  $1.87
 Block 3  1201-2400  $2.23
 Block 4  2401+  $2.92

How much is a cubic foot of water?

  • One cubic foot of water is equivalent to 7.48 gallons.
  • The average bathtub holds 4-8 cubic feet of water.
  • A dishwasher uses about 2 cubic feet per cycle.
  • A 10-minute shower uses approximately 4-6 cubic feet of water.
  • Outdoor watering with one garden hose uses about 40 cubic feet of water every hour.