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Private System Maintenance

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 Your Stormwater Facility

Stormwater facilities can be an attractive and functional part of your property. Properties that have stormwater facilities will generally have either a wet pond or a dry pond. Both of these stormwater facilities capture and contain stormwater runoff from rain events. Wet ponds generally have water in them year round and serve to treat the stormwater by allowing dirt to settle to the bottom of the pond before discharging the water into a nearby waterway. Dry ponds on the other hand only have water during rain events and work to slowly release water into streams after an event. These ponds can often serve as grassy play areas or open spaces for wildlife during drier seasons. 

wet pond dry pond
A  wet pond during a dry period.  A dry pond during a dry period.
catch basin  culvert 1 

 A catch basin

 Two culverts in a ditch 
level spreader 1
permeable pavement 
 A level spreader   An example of permeable pavement

 Who is Responsible for Maintaining Stormwater Facilities?

It is important for all stormwater facilities to be maintained. Regular maintenance ensures your facility is functioning properly and can help to save you money in the long run. Commercial property owners, homeowners, or homeowner's associations are responsible for providing regular maintenance of privately owned ponds, storm drains, pipes, and other drainage facilities that serve the property or subdivision. Local governments maintain stormwater facilities located in public right-of-ways. 

Facilities are required to be inspected annually, which can help identify maintenance needs before they become expensive repairs. Inspections should be completed once per year using the Private Stormwater Facility Inspection Sheet. The form can be filled out online or printed out and mailed to the City of Tumwater. Forms are due by July 31 each year. 

Need Assistance?

The Water Resources Program is available to help guide property owners and HOA representatives through the inspection process for free!

Call (360) 754-4140, email, or visit the Public Works counter at City Hall to schedule. 

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Plan on doing work on your stormwater pond? The City of Tumwater can help make your job easier by supplying free compost dumpsters (up to 40-yards) to Tumwater neighborhoods! 

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