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Natural Yard Care

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Go "Green" Using Natural Yard Care Techniques 

When we think of our yards, we don't often think about the importance of what lies beneath- the soil, water, worms, micro-organisms, and nutrients. Each component is vital to the health of the grass that grows in the soil. Healthy soil encourages healthy roots and this in turn creates healthy lawns.

Healthy soil

Many common lawn care activities can negatively impact the health of soil, which can make our lawns more vulnerable to weeds and unwanted insects. Over watering, soil compaction, overuse of chemicals, and ignoring soil health all have negative effects on soil health. Over time, the soils in our lawns can become compacted from walking or driving over it, which leaves less room for oxygen and water in the soil. Grass roots have a difficult time growing in compacted soils, but some weeds can thrive in them. In addition, the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers can kill off beneficial micro-organisms that are essential for creating and maintaining healthy soil. The good news is that it's easy to improve the health of your soil!

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