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Storm Drains

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Storm Drains

A storm drain, also known as a catch basin, carries water from rain events away from streets, parking lots, and other hard surfaces. Storm drains are an important part of flood prevention as they help maintain stormwater runoff by directing water off of streets and parking lots and into nearby streams. Keeping these storm drains clean and clear of debris can help ensure they work properly during rain events.

Storm Drain storm-drain 

Prevent spills and dumping

In the City of Tumwater, all storm drains take stormwater directly off the streets and empty it into the stream without any treatment. This means all the pollutants on our streets, cars, houses, and lawns can easily enter streams. Pollutants such as garbage, oil, and fertilizer negatively affect water quality and aquatic habitats

It's everyone's responsibility to make sure that the water making its way down our storm drains won't harm the environment. For more tips on how to help create clean stormwater, visit the Stormwater Program page.

Visit the following pages if you see a spill or your storm drain is plugged.

Spill Reporting

Plugged Storm Drain