Stormwater Plans & Program Guidance

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Stormwater Plans and Program Guidance

The City of Tumwater has adopted numerous plans that detail how to manage stormwater, they are listed below for your reference. 

 2013-2018 Western Washington Phase II Municipal NPDES Permit:  NPDES Permit

The permit translates general requirements of the Clean Water Act into specific provisions tailored to the operations of each person discharging pollutants.

Created by the City of Tumwater that describes the actions taken to fulfill the NPDES permit requirements and protect our water resources from stormwater pollution.

This plan supports the management of stormwater through the development of detention facilities and conveyance system.


The Dechutes River, Percival Creek, and Budd Inlet
Tributaries Water Quality Improvement

 Deschutes River TMDL Report


This plan provides a framework for how stakeholders will track, monitor, and implement the water cleanup plan for the Deschutes River.

 Outfall Reconnaissance Inventory and Stream Assessment 2013:

 Outrall Reconnaissance Inventory and Stream Assessment



Drainage Design and Erosion Control Manual:


 Drainage and Design Manual


Tumwater's Site Development manual for stormwater, includes policies and standards related to new and redeveloping sites. 


Low Impact Development Technical Guidance Manual
for Puget Sound (Dec 2012):

LID Technical Guidance Manual for Puget Sound


Provides stormwater managers and site designers with a common understanding of low impact development (LID) options that are applicable for the Puget Sound region.


Rain Garden Handbook:

 Rain Garden Handbook

Provides a guide for designing, installing, and maintaining rain gardens in Western Washington. 

 Annexation Area Drainage Study 2011:  Annexation Area Drainage Studey 2011