Spill Reporting

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Spill Reporting Hotline

The spilling or dumping of any substance other than rainwater into the stormwater system, or any other non-approved area, leads to the degradation of our water resources. 

If you witness potential spills or illegal dumping into catch basins, streets, ditches or water bodies, please call and report the spill to the spill reporting hotline(s).

When reporting a spill, be ready to provide the following information:

  • Location of spill or dumping event
  • Date and time of the observation
  • Potential source of information
  • Photographs (if available)

To report a spill or dumping event

Call the City of Tumwater’s 24-hour hotline:  (360) 754-4150

For large spills, call the WA Dept. of Ecology 24-hour hotline: (360) 407-6300

For spills which are an immediate threat to life, call 9-1-1