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Snow & Ice Response Plan

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We're prepared, are you?

The Public Works Operations and Maintenance Division applies anti-icing treatment on roadways when snow and freezing temperatures are in the weather forecast. During a snow event, roads are plowed and treated to ensure access to critical facilities like hospitals and schools. The Roadway Response Plan identifies Lifeline and Priority roads, intersections, bridges and hills with significant need for maintenance to prevent serious hazards. 

Anti-icing treatment and plowing

When freezing rain or snow is predicted, the City institutes an anti-icing program to help combat the hazards of winter roads. Anti-icing is the practice of applying chemicals to roadways to prevent frost and ice from forming and keep it from compacting and adhering to the highway.

Tumwater uses a simple solution of water and salt as an anti-icer.

Drivers are reminded to always use caution when traveling on hills and bridges as anti-icing agent may be diluted by snow, and freezing conditions may still occur even when roads have been treated.

Roadway Response Plan

Tumwater roads are treated and plowed in this order:

  1. Lifeline Roadways are plowed and treated first. These routes are kept clear to accommodate emergency vehicles and primary transportation routes that connect major arterials with other roads in the community.
  2.  After the lifeline roadways are passable, crews move on to Priority Roads.
  3. Neighborhood streets are only plowed when lifeline and priority roads are cleared. The City does not plow or treat private streets or driveways.

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Call Public Works Operations & Maintenance Division at (360) 754-4150.