Street Sweeping

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Street Sweeper Schedule 

When does Tumwater generally sweep the streets? 

If there is no inclement weather such as pouring rain or icy conditions, the street sweeper follows a general schedule of sweeping the primary arterials on a weekly basis, and the remaining streets as time allow.  The primary arterials swept on a weekly basis include:

  • Tumwater Boulevard from Littlerock Road to Capitol Boulevard 
  • Capitol Boulevard
  • 2nd Avenue 
  • Littlerock Road
  • Trosper Road from Capitol Boulevard to Littlerock Road
  • North Street
  • Custer Way
  • Cleveland Avenue/Yelm Highway
  • Henderson Boulevard - Yelm Highway to the Deschutes River (Pioneer Park)
The remaining City streets are divided into seven routes, with each route swept on a rotating basis as time allows. The goal is to sweep each route three to four times per year. 

What you can do to help 

There are things you can do to help make sure the sweeper can successfully clean in front of your home or business.

  • Keep tree branches pruned back and up so that they don't scrape the sweeper. 
  • Don't blow or rake leaves or grass clippings into the street. 

For more information

Contact Public Works Operations & Maintenance at (360) 754-4150 or request sweeping service on a Tumwater street through our Report a Problem online form.