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Interlocal Street Agreement with the City of Olympia

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The City of Tumwater partnered with the City of Olympia in April of 2007 to share the responsibility of street maintenance in the neighborhoods of both cities.  Because city boundary lines complicated routes for maintenance staff – such as street sweepers – both cities decided to simplify the maintenance boundaries to save both time and resources, in addition to lessening confusion for citizens.

Better service through cooperation

Before the Interlocal Agreement, maintenance staff sometimes had to stop cleaning a street halfway through, hand it over to the City of Olympia to continue on for a section, and then the street would be handed back to Tumwater once again to finish the maintenance for the rest of the street. Now, with the new boundaries in place, the responsibility of maintenance for the entirety of a street will lie with only one city, not both. This also means that the City of Tumwater will help to maintain not only our own streets, but some of the City of Olympia’s as well – so long as it produces a more efficient route. The City of Olympia will also be responsible for maintaining some of our streets as well, again, in an effort towards maintenance efficiency. 

Street Sweeping isn’t the only aspect of maintenance included in this Interlocal Agreement.  The following is a list of other responsibilities shared by both cities:
  • Pavement maintenance; pothole repair, sealing cracks in the road surface and any patching that may be required
  • Vegetation control
  • Snow and ice control
  • Stormwater runoff; minor street flooding, and clearing of plugged catch basins
  • Pavement markings; striping, crosswalk markings, etc.
Download a map which shows the areas each city will maintain. Contact the Public Works Department for more information at (360) 754-4150.