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Leaf Disposal

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Rain, leaves and storm drains don’t mix. Adopt your storm drain, help us keep it running

Rake them up, not out.
Avoid raking or blowing fallen leaves into the street – our 
street sweepers aren’t made to pick up large piles of leaves.

Ways to discard leaves 
Mulch or compost leaves in your yard or garden, or
order a yard waste container for easy disposal.

Check storm drains in your neighborhood before rain storms.
Remove leaves and yard debris so drains don’t clog and 
your road doesn’t flood!

Recycle leaves in your own yard.

Leaves provide nutrients to lawns and gardens, protect plants from freezing winter temperatures, and help to reduce weeds. 

Flower beds
Place leaves around shrubs to protect plants from the harsh elements of winter. Remember to leave a small space around stems to protect plants against disease. 

Small leaves can be mulch-mowed and left on your lawn to provide extra nutrients. 
Don’t allow large leaves to remain on lawns; this can kill the grass.

Place leaves in yard waste bins or home compost bins.

Proper leaf disposal required

It is the responsibility of the resident to dispose of leaves, as well as all other yard waste, through appropriate means.  

Yard waste recycle bins may be ordered through your waste management provider. If you do not have a compostable service provided to you through your waste management provider, please contact the Thurston County Waste and Recovery Center for information on using their facilities to dispose of your leaves and/or other yard waste.

In accordance with Tumwater Municipal Code 12.08.020, the citizens of Tumwater are prohibited from blowing, or otherwise disposing of, leaves into the street.  Leaves can accumulate in storm drain openings, leading to clogs and backups.