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AutoCAD DWG Files

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DWG drawing files are available for use by architects, engineers and non-CAD designers, for use in drawings and plans that are to be submitted to the City of Tumwater. 

Select the DWG (drawing) file below to download each image. 

Note: You must have a drawing application that can read DWG file format to access these files.

Contact Tumwater Public Works for assistance at (360) 754-4140.

 DWG File Downloads:  
SR-01.dwg ST-21.dwg SW-06.dwg
ST-01.dwg ST-22.dwg SW-07.dwg
ST-02.dwg ST-23.dwg SW-08.dwg
ST-03.dwg ST-24.dwg SW-09.dwg
ST-04.dwg ST-25.dwg SW-10.dwg
ST-05.dwg ST-26.dwg SW-11.dwg
ST-27.dwg WA-01.dwg
ST-07.dwg ST-28.dwg WA-02.dwg
ST-08.dwg ST-29.dwg WA-03.dwg
ST-09.dwg ST-30.dwg WA-04.dwg
ST-10.dwg ST-31.dwg WA-05.dwg
ST-11.dwg ST-32.dwg WA-06.dwg
ST-12.dwg ST-33.dwg WA-07.dwg
ST-13.dwg ST-34.dwg WA-08.dwg
ST-14.dwg SW-01.dwg WA-09.dwg
ST-15.dwg SW-02.dwg WA-10.dwg
ST-16.dwg SW-03.dwg WA-11.dwg
ST-18.dwg SW-04.dwg WA-12.dwg
ST-19.dwg SW-05.dwg WA-13.dwg
ST-20.dwg   WA-14.dwg