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Engineering Services & Plans

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Engineering Services & Plans

The Engineering Division provides the City’s engineering services, as well as technical review and support to development projects and other City departments. City staff provide direction, plan review services and data regarding infrastructure, to consulting engineers, surveyors and developers of projects within the City. 

Staff are also responsible for managing project design and construction functions for all public works and capital projects. Major components of the Public Works Engineering Division include transportation, engineering, surveying and site development. Water resources, including drinking water, sanitary sewer and stormwater programs are also part of the Engineering Division.

Contact Us

Ames, Mary HeatherTransportation ManagerPublic Works(360) 754-4140
Crawford, KellyEngineer Technician IVPublic Works(360) 754-4140
Crews, JaredEngineer IPublic Works(360) 754-4140
Greer, MeridithWater Resources EducatorPublic Works(360) 754-4140
Hicks, BrandonCity EngineerPublic Works(360) 754-4140
Kangiser, David Water Resources SpecialistPublic Works(360) 754-4140
Magaña, MarinaWater Resources SpecialistPublic Works(360) 754-4140
Miller, DannyEngineer Technician IIPublic Works(360) 754-4140
Mills, DavidEngineer IPublic Works(360) 754-4140
Nielsen, CathyAdministrative AssistantPublic Works(360) 754-4140
Query, JeffEngineer IIPublic Works(360) 754-4140
Radcliff, JenniferGIS CoordinatorPublic Works(360) 252-5418
Smith, DanWater Resources Program ManagerPublic Works(360) 754-4140
Strobin, GeorgiannaGIS Technician Public Works(360) 754-4140
Veal, MeaganProjects AssistantPublic Works(360) 754-4140
Vo, NhanEngineer IIIPublic Works(360) 754-4140
Webb, MattEngineer IIIPublic Works(360) 754-4140