New Operations & Maintenance Facility

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Former Trails End Property at 1500 79th Avenue SE in Tumwater

Phase I: Demolition

Mid-October - December 31, 2018

Demolition is scheduled to begin on October 29, 2018, at the former Trails End Arena property, the future home of the City's new Operations & Maintenance Facility and a new neighborhood park.

The demolition contract includes a pest management plan to address community concerns regarding the potential for pests to be displaced from the buildings being removed. The contract also provides for the protection of the large oak tree located near the arena building. Temporary construction/security fencing will be installed around the perimeter of the work area.

The buildings to be demolished include all of the buildings on the property east of Trails End Drive, except for the paddock building located along 79th Avenue, which will be retained on a temporary basis for storage. The paddock building located on the property west of Trails End Drive will also remain due to the presence of the Mazama Pocket Gopher on that part of the property.

Project Description

The City’s property includes a total of 22.5 acres located on two separate parcels of land separated by Trails End Drive. The existing buildings are in poor condition, present safety and liability risks for the City, and were deemed unsuitable for use. 

The buildings are being removed in advance of the future development of the property for a new City Operations and Maintenance Facility and a new neighborhood park. These future projects are in the early planning stages and there will be more information, and opportunities for public input, as those projects move forward. Construction on the new facility is anticipated to begin 2022.

Construction Schedule

  • Rhine Demolition, of Tacoma, WA, was awarded the contract for demolition of the selected structures on the property. 
  • The demolition work is expected to begin in late October and will take approximately 12 weeks to complete.
  • Construction work hours are typically between 7:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Project Location

Trails End Property Demolition Project map indicates buildings designated for demolition. 

                                                      Trails End Property Demolition ProjectPDF file


Project Funding

City of Tumwater General Fund

Project Personnel

  • City of Tumwater Project Inspector: Rod Hudson and John Norman
  • City of Tumwater Project Manager: John Norman
  • Project Superintendent: Mike Coogan, Rhine Demolition
  • Design Firm: TCF Architecture

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact John Norman, City Engineer, at 360-754-4140 or email

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Phase II: Construction                                                             

Estimated Start Date: 2020

Operations and Maintenance (O & M) and Parks Facilities departments are currently housed in two facilities, at two separate locations on Israel Road near City Hall. The existing facilities are no longer able to efficiently support the necessary City operations. The City is growing and the current buildings cannot securely and safely meet the needs of our community. In 2014 the City acquired the former Trails End Arena property, located at 1500 79th Avenue SE, and 7842 Trails End Drive SE in Tumwater, for the purpose of relocating the current facilities for Public Works and Parks Facilities operations.

The City’s property includes a total of 22.5 acres located on two separate parcels of land separated by Trails End Drive. When the property was acquired, it was with the intention that the area would be sufficient to accommodate both the O & M Facility and a future park for the neighborhood. While the current project is primarily focused on the development of the new Facility, overall planning for the property also includes the future park site. Input from area residents will be used to guide the current phase of design work and site planning. 

Construction of the new facilities is anticipated to begin in 2020. 

O & M Facility Presentation PDF file

Project Background

In 2016 the City contracted with TCF Architecture for assistance with predesign and conceptual planning for a new City Operations and Maintenance (O & M) Facility to be located on the former Arena property. This work included long-range planning to accommodate growth in order to determine the size of the facilities.

As part of the planning process, options were developed for locating the facility on the property and estimated project costs. This process resulted in conceptual site plan alternatives demonstrating that a project meeting the City’s future needs could be constructed on the property within the financing ability of the City.

The work assessed the potential use of existing buildings on the site. Due to the condition, types and locations of the structures, the recommendation was that all existing buildings be demolished.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jay Eaton, Public Works Director, at 360-754-4140 or by email