Parks and Recreation Task Force

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Task Force 

Upon recommendation from the Tumwater City Council, the Parks and Recreation Department has formed a Parks and Recreation Task Force and will hold a series of meetings regarding funding for parks and recreation.

One of the main elements of the Tumwater Comprehensive plan is identifying a dedicated source of funding for parks and recreation to avoid competing with other City priorities.  The Parks Task Force was established as a community-based process to consider funding methodologies and make a recommendation to the Tumwater City Council for a dedicated long-term funding proposal. The Task Force includes one Councilmember; members of the Parks and Recreation Commission; and other community members representing user groups, athletic groups, aquatic interests, trail supporters, environmentalists, and parks and program users.  

Tumwater has a long history of working with residents on the development of parks and facilities. Public input is both important and appreciated, and is critical to our success.  Anyone wishing to attend the Task Force meetings may do so. Please see the schedule listed below.

Parks and Recreation Task Force 2017-8 Meeting Schedule

Date Location Discussion Topic Minutes 
 June 11, 2018  Tumwater Fire Station  Review draft plan for future parks, recreation and facility needs  
 December 12, 2017  Tumwater Fire Station  Joint CC Worksession/ Task Force Meeting  Minutes
 May 24, 2017  Tumwater Fire Station  Cancelled: Finalization of recommendation  
 May 17, 2017  Tumwater Fire Station  Cancelled: Priorities and funding alternatives  
 April 29, 2017  Tumwater Fire Station  Cancelled: Priorities and funding alternatives  
 April 19, 2017  Tumwater Fire Station  Finance follow-up: Metropolitan Parks District, etc.  Minutes
 April 12, 2017  Tumwater City Hall  Finances; current and future funding options  Minutes
 March 25, 2017  Meet at City Hall  Tumwater Parks Tour  
 March 22, 2017  Tumwater City Hall  Ground rules/process, Parks Plan, overview  Minutes