Deschutes Valley Trail

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Future Deschutes Valley Trail

The Deschutes Valley Trail plan was envisioned in 1987 and is a priority in the Tumwater Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan as well as in the Thurston County Regional Trails Plan.  It was originally imagined as a trail that would span the City, connect neighborhoods and parks, and provide a transportation alternative within the City of Tumwater.  

The trail will begin at the City’s eastern border at Pioneer Park. Crossing the Deschutes River, the trail will outline the Tumwater Valley Golf Course and provide a connection to the new Deschutes Valley Park. From the park, the trail connects to the City’s watershed in the Palermo Valley, provides a trail head near Capitol Blvd and connects to the Palermo Pocket Park. From the Palermo watershed the trail continues north, up Tumwater Valley Drive and into the Tumwater Falls Park and ends at the City’s northern border at Historical Park. This is a trail system that provides residents with access to five public parks, the City’s golf course, the Deschutes River and Capitol Lake. Plans are currently being considered on new routes to connect this trail with the Olympia Woodland trail and the rest of the county trail system.

At this time, the City is working on trail plans, construction documents and costs. Once the final plans are complete, the City will begin seeking grant funding to assist with making this long-term trail plan a reality.