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We Value Diversity

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Tumwater SAFE

Tumwater SAFE Decal indicates a safe harbor for hate crime victims.

Creating a more sustainable community where all people feel safe, enjoy the benefits of public services and fully participate in civic life.

The Tumwater SAFE Program is a public safety and customer service initiative intended to ensure all people feel secure in our community regardless of abilities, age, ethnicity, nationality, race, religion, gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation. The program was designed to assist victims of hate or bias crimes and encourage reporting of these crimes. City employees are empowered to provide safe harbor services for any person who is feeling unsafe and seeking police support.

The primary sponsors of this Program are the City of Tumwater and the State of Washington, community partners including Timberland Library – Tumwater Branch, and local businesses.

The concept for Tumwater SAFE began with a request from representatives of local Washington State agencies, in response to the safe place directive by Governor Jay Inslee Directive 16-11 requiring all State agencies to work with local police to develop a program to help LGBTQ+ persons be safe in the community.

Tumwater SAFE assists victims of hate or bias crimes and encourages reporting of these crimes. It is modeled after the programs in Olympia and Seattle, where “Safe Place” stickers in windows indicate businesses that will provide shelter to any individual feeling threatened or harassed.

City leadership wanted to explore a program similar to those in Seattle and Olympia with a broader focus on overall safety in the community, not just LGBTQ+. And it also aligns as an important priority to make the Tumwater community and state of Washington a place where everyone is welcome, included, and respected.

The Tumwater SAFE Program is envisioned as these elements:

State Agencies, Community Partners and Local Businesses
Community Outreach and Engagement
Employee Training and Hiring

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Emergency? Call 9-1-1.

Diversity Policy Statement

The City of Tumwater is a national leader in affirming the civil rights and innate dignity of all citizens, and encourages the free expression of all cultural traditions and personal talents for the social enrichment and betterment of the community.

 The City fosters its value for diversity throughout the community by creating an equitable, hospitable, appreciative, safe, and inclusive organizational culture for its employees, volunteers, programs, and services because diversity:

  • strengthens workforce competence and performance
  • celebrates and values individual differences
  • serves an increasingly heterogeneous society
  • ensures the relevance of the City’s Mission, programs and services
  • is crucial to the City’s ability to serve every citizen

The City welcomes employees, volunteers, program participants and customers of every race, ethnicity, national origin, ability, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, age, gender, gender expression and gender identity.