Tumwater Legislative Priorities

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2019 Legislative Priorities

The City of Tumwater supports legislation that furthers the goals of the City's Strategic Plan and protects the City’s ability to provide basic municipal services to residents.  Prior to the start of each legislative session, the City Council adopts Legislative Priorities. These priorities are developed by City staff, the Mayor, and Councilmembers. 

2019 Tumwater Legislative PrioritiesPDF file

Brewhouse Tower Restoration

Fully fund 2019-2021 Heritage Capital Projects Grant program

Our request to fund urgent repairs to the Old Brewhouse Tower through the 2019-2021 Heritage Capital Projects Grant program is ranked number 4 of 35 recommended projects.Completion of emergency repairs in 2017, and current renovation work, funded in part by a 2017 Heritage Capital Project Grant, demonstrate progress toward the City’s goal to revitalize the iconic 1906 Brewhouse Tower. The next phase of rehabilitation is critical. Without seismic reinforcement, the Tower will remain unsuitable for occupancy and closed to public access.


First Responder Regional Training Facility

Fully fund Capital request of $4 M

The City of Olympia operated a police training and certification range used by Tumwater and Lacey. That facility recently closed. The three cities are using other facilities that are not proximate or consistently available. The existing Fire Training Facility in Olympia would be expanded to include law enforcement training. The local share of the project is the land, permitting, parking, and security along with $1 million from the three cities. The facility would include a new firing range, classroom, and state-of-the-art reality-based training system.


Deschutes Valley Trail

Authorize Allocation of Approved Funding in the 2021-2023 Biennium

This project connects Historical and Pioneer parks by building a multi-use trail along the river corridor. Design and permitting
are in process. The first section in Historical Park is complete. The second section, to and through Tumwater Falls Park, is in design, and construction is scheduled for 2019.

There is $5.8 million in State transportation funding, approved in 2015, but these funds are not available until 2025-27.


Tumwater Union Cemetery

Request $150,000 to Preserve this Historic Site

The Union and Pioneer Calvary cemeteries are two of the oldest in Thurston County. The adjacent cemeteries are significant because of their association with the earliest period of Tumwater history, and burials of some of the earliest pioneers of the area.
Indian War volunteers, and War of 1812 and Civil War veterans are buried in the cemeteries. Union Cemetery is significant as the only property associated with George Bush, a prominent African American member of the 1845 settlement party of present-day Tumwater. The City’s Master Plan guides future site improvements that include security, access control, lighting, irrigation, and signage. Tumwater’s Capital Facilities Plan has $150,000 designated as local matching funds.

Deschutes Hatchery

The City supports the efforts of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, along with the Squaxin Island Tribe and the commercial and recreational fishing interests, to construct a new Chinook salmon hatchery along the Deschutes River. Funding has already been provided for the design and construction renovations to the related fish capture facility at Tumwater Falls Park, and for design and permitting of the hatchery at Pioneer Park. The City has approved a lease of land to the State. The project would be funded in the Department’s Capital Budget.

Permitting for the Pioneer Park location is not complete and the City is concerned about outstanding permitting issues that need to be resolved by the applicant.

State Library and Archives

The City supports the proposal by the Secretary of State for a new facility in the Tumwater Town Center to house the State Library, Archives, and the Corporations, Elections and Operations Divisions. The building will house the state’s major governmental research library. The signature project will form a high-profile gateway to the Town Center, be a significant employer, and a draw for visitors to Tumwater