Residential Rates

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Monthly Residential Utility Rates

Single family residential homes located within City limits are billed monthly for water, sewer, LOTT, and stormwater services.   

Understanding Your Statement 

Water charges consist of two parts: 

  • Base Fee - This flat rate, sometimes called the "ready to serve" fee, is billed every month regardless of the quantity of water used. This fee covers operational costs the utility incurs, like water quality monitoring, treatments, and meter reads. 
  • Consumption Fee - Consumption fees are structured in a four tier system to allow accounts to be billed for the amount of water that is used. Higher usage of water is billed at a higher rate than those with lower water usage. Conserve water and save on your monthly water bill!

All fees are subject to a 6% utility tax that is reflected on the monthly statement.

Please contact the Utility Billing division at (360) 754-4133 if you need help understanding your bill or if you are concerned that you may have a leak.   

Residential Utility Bill Example

Below is an example of the monthly charges for a single family residential home with no water consumption compared to a home that used 800 cubic feet (CF) of water, both with a 3/4" meter. Please note: On an actual bill, the base and consumption fees are combined.

SERVICE or fee Description  

(No water consumption)

800 CF Water Consumption
Water Base Fee   8.32 8.32
Water Consumption   0.00 20.04
Sewer   17.93 17.93
LOTT   39.80 39.80
Stormwater   10.63 10.63
6% Utility Tax     4.60    5.81
Total Bill   $81.29 $102.53

Consumption Fee Rates

 Consumption in cubic feet  Fee rate per 100 cubic feet consumed
 0 - 600  $2.44
 601 - 1200  $2.70
 1201 - 2400  $3.24
 2401 +  $4.24

Fee Rates

 Fee Description  monthly Flat rate
 LOTT  $ 39.80
 Stormwater  $ 10.63
 Sewer  $17.93

Note: LOTT is a non-profit formed by the cities of Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater, and Thurston County to provide wastewater management and treatment services. The City of Tumwater does not develop the LOTT rate.  For more information regarding LOTT’s services and fees visit the LOTT website.

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