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Multi-Family Rates

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Monthly Multi-Family Utility Rates

Multi-Family units located within City limits are billed monthly for water, sewer, LOTT, and stormwater services. Sewer, LOTT, and stormwater fees are based on number of units whereas water is billed for consumption. 

All the fees below are subject to a 6% utility tax that is reflected on the monthly statement. 

  • Base Fee - This flat rate based on meter size, sometimes called the "ready to serve" fee, is billed every month regardless of the quantity of water used. This fee covers operational costs the utility incurs, like water quality monitoring, treatments, and meter reads. 
  • Consumption Fee - Consumption fees are structured in a four tier system to allow accounts to be billed for the amount of water that is used. During the summer months when the irrigation season is upon us, accounts tend to be billed at a higher rate for larger amounts of water used.   

Property owners are responsible for all water that passes through the meter onto the property. Do not tamper with a water meter as they belong to the City. Any damage that might occur due to tampering could lead to additional charges. Meters are read at the beginning of each month and are billed at the end of the month. Please contact the Utility Billing staff at (360) 754-4133 if you need help understanding your bill or if you are concerned that you may have a leak.

Water 3/4" meter   
Ready To Serve Fee
(Base Fee)
Plus Consumption per 100 CF  
      501-1000  $2.81 
     1001-2000  $3.37 
     2001+  $4.41

Sewer Rates   
Duplex Per Unit  $18.79 
Multi-Family Per Unit  $13.16 
Mobile Community > 2 units  $18.79 
Single Mobile Home (not in a park) - refer to Residential Rates  

The City of Tumwater does not develop the LOTT rate. For more information regarding LOTT’s services and fees visit the LOTT website.

LOTT Rates   
Duplex Per Unit  $41.00 
Multi-Family Per Unit  $28.70
Mobile Community> 2 units  $41.00 
Single Mobile Home (not in a park) - refer to Residential Rates


Stormwater Rates  Account Fee  Service Charge 
Total Monthly
Stormwater Charge 
 Duplex Per Unit $1.65  $9.40 


 Multi-Family $1.65 $9.40

Varies = Account Fee plus (Service Charge x Gross Impervious Area/3,250 sq ft)

Mobile Community   $1.65   $5.21 

Varies = Account Fee plus
(Service Charge x Number of Units) 

Single Mobile Home (not in a park) - refer to Residential Rates



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