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Life-Line Rates

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Low Income Senior/Disabled Utility Discounted Rates (Lifeline Program)

Reduced Rates

Discounted utility rates are available to low income senior citizens (62 and over) and low-income citizens with disabilities that qualify for the City of Tumwater’s Lifeline program. Lifeline accounts for single family residential homes are billed monthly. All fees are subject to a 6% utility tax that is reflected on the monthly statement.  

  • Base Fee - This flat rate based on meter size, sometimes called the "ready to serve" fee, is billed every month regardless of the quantity of water used. This fee covers operational costs the utility incurs, like water quality monitoring, treatments, and meter reads.
  • Consumption Fee - The second part of the water charge is the consumption charge measured in cubic feet (CF). Consumption fees are structured in a four tier system to allow accounts to be billed for the amount of water that is used. There is a 50% reduction in the consumption charges for qualify lifeline accounts.  
Water 3/4" Meter  Regular Rate  Lifeline Rate 
Ready to Serve Fee  $8.65 - flat rate $4.33 - flat rate 
Consumption per 100 CF  
 0-600 $2.54  $1.27 
601-1200  $2.81 $1.41 
1201-2400  $3.37  $1.69 
2401+  $4.41 $2.21 

Sewer  Regular Rate  Lifeline Rate 
Flat Rate $18.79 $9.40

The City of Tumwater does not set the LOTT rate. For more information regarding LOTT services and fees, visit the LOTT website.

LOTT Regular Rate  Lifeline Rate 
Flat Rate $41.00 $20.50
Stormwater Regular Rate  Lifeline Rate 
Flat Rate $11.05 $5.53

Sample Utility Bill Comparison

Below is an example of a single family home's charges for the month with 800 cubic feet (CF) of water with regular residential rates compared to lifeline rates.  Please note that on an actual bill, the monthly base fee and the consumption will be combined.  

Single Month  Regular Rate
(800 CF) 
Lifeline Rate
(800 CF) 
Water (Base Fee)  $8.65 - flat rate $4.33 - flat rate 
   Water Consumption $20.86  $10.44
Sewer $18.79 $9.40
LOTT $41.00 $20.50 
Stormwater $11.05 $5.53 
   6% Utility Tax $6.02  $3.01 
 Total Bill $106.37 $53.21 

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