Pay Your Bill Via ACH

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Attention! We will be conducting an update to our web portal FRIDAY, JANUARY 31 2020 between 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM. This update will make our Utility Billing web payments as well as Utility online account services inaccessible. We appreciate your patience during this time.

Pay Your Bill via ACHPDF file

Thank you for your interest in setting up ACH payments to the City of Tumwater for your Tumwater utility billings.

NOTE: This is not to sign up for our recurring Autopay program which automatically pulls your monthly utility payment from your bank account or credit card. This service is to provide information to the City to ensure proper receipting of your ACH payments when you initiate ACH payments from your bank (e.g. Bill Payer). If you intended to sign up for our Autopay service, please visit our Make a Payment page for detailed information and instructions.

The following paragraphs outline the terms and conditions necessary for setup of ACH payments to the City of Tumwater.

Remittance will be required for accurate posting of your ACH payments. The remittance should be sent via email to prior to the payment posting to our bank account. The subject line of the remittance email should read “ACH Payments” and the email must include the following information:

• All applicable account numbers
• Amount to be applied to each account
• Customer name for each account
• Total payment remitted (if lump sum for multiple accounts)
• Contact name, email address and phone number
• Additionally, we would like to know how your payment will appear on our bank statement.

EXAMPLE remittance information:

Utility Account 12-123456-000 $125.00 Doe, John
Utility Account 12-123456-001 $50.00 Smith, Jane
Total ACH Remittance 1/1/19: $175.00
Contact: Jane Smith,, (360) 555-4444
Payment will appear on statement as “DoeSmith Vendor Pay****1234”

To confirm your interest in setting up ACH payments for your account(s), please submit your request along with your name, account number and phone number to This will acknowledge that you agree to the terms and conditions for remittance of ACH payments to the City of Tumwater as outlined above. Upon receipt of your email, a correspondence will follow which will include the City’s banking information necessary for proper ACH setup.


Contact the Utility Billing customer service staff at or by phone at (360) 754-4133, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., except on holidays.