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City Taxes & Financials

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Sales Tax

The City of Tumwater Sales Tax rate is 9.4% on every dollar, except food purchases.
The City receives 0.8415% or less than one cent of the sales tax on each dollar spent in Tumwater. An additional 0.002 or 0.2% sales tax goes to fund City street and sidewalk maintenance. Tumwater voters approved this new tax on November 6, 2018, and it went into effect on April 1, 2019.  

Property Tax

How are your property taxes calculated?

Your property taxes are calculated by multiplying your home's assessed value by the tax "rate."  The Thurston County Assessor's Office determines your property's value, which is based on true-market value.  The tax rate is the total of all property taxes levied by all the taxing districts--School District, State, Library, County, Port, Emergency Management Service (911), Conservation Futures, Public Utility District, and the City.  The City's share of the property tax rate is about 20% of the total property taxes you pay.  All of the districts that levy property taxes are subject to limits.  The City's tax levy increase cannot exceed 1% per year without a vote of citizens.

Current year taxes are calculated based on the value determined by the Thurston County Assessor's Office from the previous year. All rates are levied per $1,000 of Taxable Value based on the Assessed Value.

Gambling Tax

The City of Tumwater assesses a local gambling tax.
  1. Gross receipts of bingo games or raffles, a tax computed at the rate of five percent of the gross revenue received therefrom less the amount paid for or as prizes;
  2. Any amusement games, a tax computed at the rate of two percent of the gross revenue therefrom less the amount paid for or as prizes; 
  3. A any social card games, a tax computed at the rate of twenty percent of the gross revenue from such games
  4. For commercial punchboards and pull-tabs, a tax is computed at the rate of three percent of the gross receipts received in the conduct of such activity.
  5. For nonprofit punchboards and pull-tabs, a tax computed at the rate of ten percent of gross receipts, less the cost of prizes.
Other than any annual license fee or registration fee assessed, the taxes shall be due and payable in quarterly installments. Tax payments are due on or before the last day of the next month following the end of the quarter covered by the return. Please refer to the Administrative tax provisions for the full rules and regulations.
Tumwater Municipal Code, Chapter 3.04

Utility Taxes

The City of Tumwater assess a six percent (6%) utility tax upon every person, firm or corporation engaged in or carrying on a business of land line and cellular telephones, pagers, telegraph, electrical energy, natural gas, brokered natural gas, solid waste, water, sanitary sewer and storm drainage. 
Tumwater Municipal Code, Chapter 3.28

Lodging Tax

This special excise tax of 4 percent applies to most short-term accommodations, such as hotels and motels.  This revenue is limited to funding tourism promotion and the operation of tourism-related facilities. Learn about how lodging tax is allocated at Lodging Tax Advisory Committee.

Tumwater Municipal Code, Chapter 3.12