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About the Executive Department

The Executive Department includes the Mayor, City Administrator, Executive Assistant/Deputy City Clerk, Communications Manager, Digital Media & Communications Specialist, and Volunteer Coordinator. The department provides executive leadership to the City organization, works with the City Council on goal-setting and public policy, supports other departments in their policy and public involvement work, produces public information such as the website, media releases, various newsletters and mailings, hosts educational and engagement opportunities like Tumwater University, manages the City’s Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC) process and the Human Services Review Council (HSRC) funding, supports the City Council scheduling and communications, and works closely with other jurisdictions and outside agencies.  

Working together—role of the City Administrator

The Mayor is the City's chief executive officer, charged with carrying out the policies set by the Council and seeing that local laws are enforced. The Mayor is ultimately in charge of the operation of the City (RCW 35A.12). 

The City Administrator is appointed by the Mayor and performs tasks within the statutory authority of the Mayor. The City Administrator oversees the day-to-day operation of the City, including budget implementation and staff supervision.

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Role of the Council

About the City Attorney's Office

The City Attorney provides legal support to the City Council, Mayor, City Administrator and all departments. The City Attorney’s Office represents the interests of the public as a whole and does not represent individuals. The office is strictly prohibited from providing any legal advice and/or representation to citizens in any matter, whether it is civil or criminal. Individuals must retain private counsel for legal assistance or be provided with a public defender.

The Tumwater City Attorney’s Office can be reached at (360) 754-4121.

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