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Adopt-a-Road Program

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Adopt-a-Road Volunteers make a difference!  

 Sponsored by  
OBee Credit Union Capitol Boulevard
Tumwater Chiropractic Center Cleveland Avenuenue
Breckenridge Apartments Crosby Boulevard (Irving Street to Barnes Boulevard)
Hops on the Hill Crosby Boulevard (Barnes Boulevard to Sapp Road)
Henderson Boulevard (Yelm Highway to Deschutes River)
Valley Golf Academy at TVGC Henderson Boulevard (Deschutes River to 65th Avenue
South Sound Foursquare Church Linderson Way
Tumwater Kiwanis and Key Clubs Littlerock Road (Israel Road to 81st Avenue)
Tumwater Chamber of Commerce Littlerock Road (Trosper Road to Kingswood Drive)
Mottman Road (9th Avenue to Crosby Boulevard)
All Ready Moving & Storage RW Johnson Boulevard
Hope Community Church Somerset Hill Drive
MountainboaRoads North West Trosper Road
Team Kondrat Tumwater Boulevard (Henderson Boulevard to Nikolas Street)
Rodgers Kee CaRoad & Strophy Attorneys Tumwater Boulevard (Littlerock Road to I-5)
Yelm Highway
Washington Health Insurance Agency, Inc. 2nd Avenue (Trosper Road to Linwood Avenue)
Valerie Lange 2nd Avenue (Linwood Avenue to Desoto Street)
Two BiRoads and Friends 12th Avenue
Triceratops Brewing Company 79th Avenue
The Schneider Family 88th Avenue
Capital Region ESD 113 Tyee Drive (Capital Event Center to Israel Road)
Tyee Drive (Costco to Trosper Road)






Any individual, business, or community organization can
get involved! Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age to participate or 15 years of age
as long as another adult is designated to supervise the minor during the activity for safety reasons. 



Road Adoption Agreement

Volunteer groups may adopt a half-mile road section for two years and agree to conduct a clean up activity at least four times annually, once each quarter at a minimum,  and agree to complete an online report summarizing each scheduled clean-up activity including liability waivers and list of hours served. Group leaders are responsible for training all volunteers in safety precautions and program requirements as outlined in the Group Orientation Manual and in accordance with State Department of Transportation Guidelines and Procedures Training Video.  Locations are determined by the Volunteer Coordinator and the City of Tumwater Public Works Department based on the need in the area and the potential for hazardous working conditions for volunteers.  

Safety is the most important aspect when considering roads that we open for adoption. Assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis and continue as long as the adopting group is willing and able to maintain the road or site.  Contracts are renewed year to year unless the City or the adopting group decides to terminate the agreement with notice.

There is no time limit for road adoption as the City appreciates citizens willing to help maintain clean roadways and contribute to a healthy community. However, in the event the road or site is not maintained according to the agreement with the City, the adopting group will be notified with the opportunity to bring the status into compliance within 30 days or it will be re-opened for adoption.

Maintenance Tasks

Volunteer groups help keep Tumwater clean by providing litter removal along community streets, parks, or designated adoption sites. Some groups may  also provide extra services like maintaining flower beds in the public right-of-way or marking and raking storm drains. Some sites may require more extensive maintenance which is defined when the adopting group agrees to accept the task. Groups are encouraged to visit street locations before adopting them to determine the full scope and requirements that will be necessary for maintenance.

Portable Adopt-a-Road Clean up Kits and Supplies for Site  Clean-upAdopt-a-Road Kit Inside

We have two self-contained, road clean-up rolling totes that may be checked out to groups for both road clean-up activities as well as site maintenance.  These rolling kits allow volunteer crew leaders to pick up all necessary materials in a single chest for transport to the clean up site in one easy step.  They include an instructional guide on how to repack the materials for the next group so that everything is available and the process is much easier to manage.  The tote is able to be turned on its side and used for a bench if needed and has a built in handle that retracts automatically when tilted upright.  Each tote contains a plastic tub with orange trash bags, warning light, gloves, two road signs and stands, trash pick-up wands, and approximately 10 orange safety vests. Groups should return totes and complete the online report of participation within 48 hours of the scheduled clean-up.

Adopt-a-Road Kit InsidePlease note that the totes are large and will require the person designated to pick it up and return it to the City to have a truck, van, wagon, or SUV large enough to hold the chest.  The chest weighs about 50 lbs loaded so it is advisable to have two people able to safely load and unload it from your vehicle. Dimensions are approximately 2'W x 2'L x 3'H. If size and weight are a problem, we can modify a kit or you may remove the heavy stands to make it easier to lift in an out of your vehicle. Groups may also choose to use their own materials or request a supply of bags or other needed items in advance by contacting the Volunteer Coordinator.

It is advisable to reserve a road kit at least a week prior to pick up to confirm availability, especially during summer months. The totes are stored in the right lobby of City Hall and can be picked up during business hours in case no one is in the office.

Commitment to the Program
Groups commit to cleaning the assigned road or site  a minimum of four times each year (once each quarter), for a minimum of two years. It is our desire that groups continue to conduct clean-up activities as long as they have an interest and the capacity to perform clean-ups in accordance with the Adopt-a-Road Agreement.

Compliance Audits
The City's Volunteer Programs Office conducts audits of participation in the Adopt-a-Road Program. Groups that do not report clean-up activities quarterly will receive notification of non-compliance and have 30-days in which to respond, schedule,  and conduct a clean-up, or to bring reporting up to date. Failure to bring a roadway into compliance with the program requirements within 30-days of a notification will result in the group's agreement being terminated and the roadway placed open for re-adoption. Signage remains the property of the City. Adopting groups may also terminate, with written notice, prior to deciding to cease program participation.

Adopt-a-Road Safety Video and Forms

Adopt-a-Highway Safety Video (Select "Safety Video" under the "Safety First" section of the WSDOT website.)
Adopt-a-Road/Site Program Brochure pdf-icon-sm
Volunteer Participant Activity Report pdf-icon-sm
Group Orientation Training Manual pdf-icon-sm
Waiver Form pdf-icon-sm


City of Tumwater Volunteer Coordinator at (360) 252-5424 or

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Adopt-a-Road Kit Inside