Neighborhood Matching Grants

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Do you have a great idea for your neighborhood?

Art, music, lending libraries, sprucing up entrance signs and frontages, planting trees, special events, Emergency Preparedness and awareness activities are just a few ideas from Tumwater residents. If you have an idea, let us help you bring it to life!

Tumwater has Neighborhood Matching Grants to help you bring your ideas to life!

The fund is part of a City Council initiative to build neighborhoods recognized for quality and to encourage citizens to build community engagement through a spirit of collaboration and innovation. Through this program, the City of Tumwater will provide grant funds (reimbursement of actual expenses) that match neighborhood resources (volunteer hours, in-kind donations, and purchases ) at a minimum of 1:1 ratio-dollar for dollar.  Applications for Project or Event Grants are accepted year-round subject to available funding. Project grants are approved by a committee comprised of 3 members appointed by the Mayor.

Neighborhood Grants Program brochure pdf-icon-sm

Neighborhood Events

Create an event for your neighborhood! Get your neighbors involved in planning and hosting the event. A Neighborhood Event Grant can help reimburse expenses up to $250. Your volunteer hours are used as a portion of the match (at a rate of $20 per hour). Applications are accepted year-round. Grants are subject to available funds. Neighborhoods may apply once every two years.

New for summer 2019 is our Neighborhood Party Kit.  Neighborhood groups may apply and receive an event kit that includes: A 10x10 pop up tent, folding portable 5 foot table, 2 folding chairs, a cooler, lawn games, and bags for recycling and trash collection for groups to host a neighborhood get-together. A kit is available by reservation request through the Office of Volunteer Programs for any neighborhood group residing in the City Limits of Tumwater with a valid State Issued ID and Tumwater Address. The kit should be returned within 48 hours after the event repacked and in clean condition. Kits are available to any formal or informal neighborhood group hosting a get together for at least 10 or more residents and with volunteer assistance of at least 3 individuals.  This can be utilized in addition to any grant application for event assistance. Pair the two together for a great event opportunity!

To inquire, send an email to

Application Form

Neighborhood Projects

Create a project to enhance your neighborhood. Get your neighbors involved in planning a volunteer work party to complete the project. Apply for a Neighborhood Project Grant to support the cost of the project, up to $1000. Your volunteer hours are used as a portion of the match (at a rate of $20 per hour).

In order to be eligible to apply for the project grant, your group must meet the following conditions:

The proposed project must make a tangible improvement to a Tumwater neighborhood built or fashioned through resources and labor provided by members of the neighborhood, have documented support of the neighborhood and/or HOA, and has a  measurable outcome that provides public benefit to the community. Priority funding consideration is afforded to new projects or neighborhoods that have not previously received grants. Grant applications must be complete with all supporting documentation showing support for the project, costs, outcomes, and how volunteers will be used to carry out the project and involve neighbors.

The following projects are not eligible for the grant program:

1. Applications from individuals, for profit groups, religious, or political groups.

2. Projects that conflict with City of Tumwater policies or other laws.

3. Projects that are for routine maintenance purposes or any maintenance of previously funded projects.

4. Projects outside of the City Limits of Tumwater.

5. Funding requests for current projects (current projects are those that are already in progress or for prior purchases).

6. Project grant requests that are for maintenance purposes or which have the same purpose or contain similar outcomes to  projects that have been previously funded through the Neighborhood Grant Program.

7. Projects that seek to promote any public or private group, business or commercial enterprise, political or religious group, utilize  any form of hate speech, or exclude any group or subgroup of people.

Additionally, our Boxed Project Series allows neighbors to work together to install a specific pre-fabricated product for a number of small projects as listed below. 

Little Free Library Resources

Little Free Library® is a registered trademark of Little Free Library, LTD, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Content used with permission. 

We currently have two options for neighborhoods interested in creating Neighborhood Library Kiosks.  We have library kits available for adoption (the adopting group can assemble, paint and install the kiosk along with an agreement to maintain and supply books and materials) and there is also the option to submit a proposal for your own design and the City will provide the materials needed to build and install the kiosk. Both options offer flexibility and require that the neighborhood group commit to forming a group of volunteers to install and maintain the library and promote community interest in literacy and free access to reading materials.  Interested?  Contact the Volunteer Coordinator for more information at 

Application Form

Right of Way Approval Form

Community Development Permitting Review Form

Dog Waste Pet Stations in partnership with Stream Team/Public Works

Utility Box Artwork Projects

Public Artwork Murals & Benches

Recycling plastic bottle caps into interesting art projects

Community Gardens

Contact the City Volunteer Coordinator to help you with a Project Out of the Box!  Projects Out of the Box! simplify the process so that your group can focus on the important task of getting volunteers to help with the installation process. If approved, the materials are provided and ready to complete your project! You supply the labor and split half the costs at a minimum of 1:1 ratio-dollar for dollar. If this sounds like it would fit your project idea, contact us today to find out how we can help.

Apply for a Neighborhood Matching Grant

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Complete an application using either form and submit by email (you may scan or save) ( or print your application and mail/deliver to:

Attention: Volunteer Coordinator, Tumwater City Hall, 555 Israel Road SW, Tumwater, WA 98501

Program Policies

Community Matching Fund policy pdf-icon-sm

Neighborhood Matching Grant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Final reporting documents for reimbursement

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PDF forms listed individually below

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