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Tree Removal Permits

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Tree Removal Permit Required

Because trees can have such a significant impact on the community, a land clearing permit or tree permit waiver is required under TMC 16.08 for removal of a tree within the City. 

Most property owners are allowed to remove up to six trees in a three year period on a single land parcel. Property owners that meet this criteria must apply for a Tree Permit Waiver (below).

Tree Permit Waiver

For land owners wishing to remove less than six trees in a three year period.

  1. Complete the Tree Removal Waiver Application Form pdf-icon-sm
  2. Include the number and location of trees to be removed. 
  3. The department may request additional documentation per TMC 16.08.
  4. There is no fee for processing a waiver. 
Note:  This is an over-the-counter permit process, with no fee.

Hazardous Trees

If a land owner believes that a tree on their property is a danger to life or property, they can request an exemption from obtaining a tree removal permit.  Approval of this exemption it subject to two conditions.

  1. The hazardous condition is verified by the City's Tree Protection Professional, with the land owner responsible for paying the City Tree Protection Professional's fee (currently $80.00 per hour).
  2. The land owner shall plant at least one replacement tree.  The replacement tree is required to meet minimum standards of the tree and vegetation protection ordinance.  The minimum standard for replacement trees is 2-inches in diameter measured 6-inches above the root collar.

If you have any questions, please contact Community Development staff at (360) 754-4180.

To Apply for a Tree Permit

A Land Clearing Permit is required to remove more than six trees on any single parcel of land in Tumwater within a three year period.

  1. Complete the forms:
  2. Pay appropriate permit fee(s).
For projects that are subject to the City's Development Review process, the land clearing permit process is completed as part of the Site Development/Grading Permit review.

Need help?

Contact the Community Development Department at (360) 754-4180 for assistance or email