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Size Regulations

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Sign regulations in Tumwater vary by zoning district.

For Residential zone districts

  • Signs that identify the occupant or address must not be larger than six square feet 
  • One 32-square-foot monument sign is allowed for each street frontage to identify the name of a residential development or multi-unit building 
  • The height of freestanding signs must be six feet or less
  • Agriculture uses on lots less than one acre can have a 12-square-foot sign while those on properties larger than an acre are permitted to have a sign up to 32 square feet in area

Commercial and Industrial zone districts

  • Signs must be at least two feet from the curb or driveway
  • Wall signs must be flush against the building and not project above the roofline
  • Signs cannot be taller than the main building on the lot or over 30 feet tall, or the height limit set forth in the zone district, whichever is less

In the neighborhood commercial zone district, signs are limited to 80 square feet on all faces of all freestanding signs. Wall signs can take up no more than 20 percent of the public façade, or 40 square feet, whichever is less. No freestanding sign can be taller than 10 feet.

In the community service zone district and town center district, signs must be no more than 140 square feet on all combined faces. Wall signs can take up no more than 20 percent of the public façade, or 70 square feet, whichever is less. Freestanding signs are limited to monument type only, and six feet tall or less.

Signs in the mixed use, general commercial, light industrial and heavy industrial zone districts are limited to 200 square feet on all faces of freestanding signs. Temporary signs can be 75 square feet, but must be included in signage amounts for permanent signs. 

You can view the full chapter of the City's sign regulations at Tumwater Municipal Code Chapter 18.44 - Signs