Tumwater City Hall, Tumwater Library, and Old Town Center will be closed Monday, January 20, 2020, in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Water, sewer, and street problems can be reported by calling the Public Works Hotline at (360) 754-4150. Police, fire, and emergency medical response services will be available as usual. Emergency? Call 9-1-1

Exempt Signs

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Signs which are exempt from Tumwater regulations

  • Construction signs up to 32 square feet in area which identify the future use of a site, during construction and 30 days after an occupancy permit has been issued
  • Signs pertaining to the sale, lease or rental of developed residential property or buildings up to eight square feet in area 
  • Names of buildings, commemorative tablets and the like when carved into stone or other materials
  • Signs directing traffic, no more than four square feet in area 
  • Unlit Signs attached flat against a building identifying names or occupation of building tenants 
  • Governmental or corporate flags flown from a pole with a total area of 30 square feet or less 
  • Political campaign signs, provided they are removed within 15 days of election. Political campaign signs advertising a candidate for public office, or a political party, or signs urging a particular vote on a public issue decided by ballot may be erected on any privately owned lot or parcel, with the owner’s permission, excluding the right-of-way. A sign for a successful candidate in a primary election may remain until the final election but must be removed within 15 days after that election. 
  • Protest or picket signs 
  • Special event signs 

For questions about exempt signs, contact the Community Development Department at (360) 754-4180 or