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Notice of Applications and SEPA Determinations

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City of Tumwater Notice of Applications and SEPA Determinations


Notice of


Comprehensive Water System Plan    05/06/2020PDF file 
93rd Ave & Lathrop Industrial Dr Roundabout 03/25/2020PDF file 04/09/2020PDF file
Trosper Mini Storage  03/12/2020PDF file 04/09/2020PDF file
Bishop Road Apartments 03/12/2020PDF file 06/05/2020PDF file 
Bradbury Division 4  03/10/2020PDF file  04/10/2020PDF file 
Mathis Munn Lake Dock  03/10/2020PDF file  04/15/2020PDF file 
Ordinance O2020-004 Adoption    03/05/2020PDF file 
Ordinance O2020-003 Adoption    03/02/2020PDF file
Tumwater High School Addition  02/14/2020PDF file   
Puget Western Warehouse Distribution Center  01/24/2020PDF file  
Black Hills Inc. Redevelopment  01/13/2020 PDF file 02/06/2020PDF file 
54 West Apartments  12/26/2019PDF file  02/06/2020PDF file 
Cruz Short Plat  11/12/2019PDF file   
Ordinance O2019-023 Adoption    10/03/2019PDF file 
AJB Storage  09/25/2019PDF file   
Ordinance O2019-004 Adoption    09/09/2019PDF file 
222 Enterprises    07/11/2019PDF file
Kimmie Street Plat  06/24/2019PDF file 07/25/2019PDF file
Liberty Leasing    06/12/2019PDF file 
Veneble Land Clearing   06/12/2019PDF file
Sunrise Hills 05/23/2019PDF file 06/27/2019PDF file
Ordinance O2019-007 Adoption   05/07/2019PDF file
Ordinance O2019-019 Adoption   04/30/2019PDF file
School District Support Facility 04/24/2019PDF file  
Ordinance O2019-001 Adoption   03/12/2019PDF file
Paint Booth  03/05/2019PDF file 03/20/2019PDF file
Lake Park Drive Townhomes  01/30/2019PDF file   
Linwood Avenue Water Main   01/10/2019PDF file 01/28/2019PDF file
Tumwater Alternative Learning Center  01/09/2019 PDF file  
Airdustrial Office Park - Building 3 12/28/2018PDF file 01/14/2019PDF file
Skyview Estates  11/29/2018PDF file 02/06/2019PDF file 
Ordinance O2018-025 Adoption
  10/31/201PDF file
Ordinance O2018-029 Adoption
  10/30/2018PDF file
Ordinance O2018-006 Adoption   10/29/2018PDF file
Puget Western 09/10/2018PDF file  
Gendlek PUD 09/10/2018PDF file 09/27/2018PDF file
Covabrelli Coffee  09/10/2018PDF file  09/25/2018
Sande Airbnb 08/06/2018PDF file 08/21/2018PDF file
Vision Health 07/27/2018PDF file 08/10/2018PDF file
Ordinance O2018-007 Adoption    07/23/2018PDF file
Resolution R2018-021   07/11/2018PDF file
Wellhead Protection   06/18/2018PDF file
Tumwater Pointe Apartments  06/14/2018 06/29/2018PDF file
Airport Extension 06/14/2018PDF file 07/03/2018PDF file
Trails End Arena 06/13/2018PDF file 06/28/2018PDF file
Evergreen Vending Warehouse  06/11/2018PDF file 06/282018PDF file
Cash & Carry 06/07/2018PDF file  
Desoto Street Development    05/09/2018PDF file 
Ordinance O2018-002 Adoption    05/08/2018PDF file 
AJB Mini-Storage  04/10/2018PDF file  05/07/2018PDF file 
Ordinance O2017-023 Adoption   04/12/2018PDF file 
Old Hwy 99 / Tumwater Bvld Widening   03/29/2018PDF file
Trosper Woods  02/22/2018PDF file 07/27/2018PDF file
Ordinance O2017-007 Adoption    02/13/2018PDF file
Bradbury North Residential Subdivision  01/31/2018PDF file; 02/23/2018PDF file 
Cash & Carry 01/19/2018PDF file 02/27/2018PDF file
Ordinance O2017-030 Adoption   01/02/2018PDF file 
Craft District Brewing and Distilling Center 12/13/2017PDF file  02/16/2018PDF file 
Ordinance O2017-023 Adoption   12/05/2017PDF file 
Tumwater Boulevard Plat 11/21/2017pdf-icon  01/26/2018PDF file 
Ordinance O2017-024 & O2017-025 Adoption   11/15/2017pdf-icon 
Ordinance O2017-021 Adoption   11/14/2017pdf-icon 
Deschutes Valley Trail 10/23/2017pdf-icon 12/01/2017PDF file
Kaufman Corner Commercial Building 10/18/2017pdf-icon  10/31/2017pdf-icon 
93rd Av Watermain Extension 10/16/2017pdf-icon  10/31/2017pdf-icon 
Ordinance O2017-022 Adoption   09/28/2017pdf-icon 
Capital Facilities Plan (CFP)   09/26/2017pdf-icon 
Ordinance O2017-018 Adoption   08/18/2017 pdf-icon
Ordinance O2017-019 Adoption   08/18/2017 pdf-icon
Ordinance O2017-017 Adoption   08/15/2017 pdf-icon
Ordinance O2017-015 Adoption   07/11/2017 pdf-icon
Craft District Brewery & Distillery 06/22/2017 pdf-icon-sm 07/07/2017 pdf-icon
Ordinance O2017-013 Adoption    06/13/2017 pdf-icon
Ordinance O2017-014 Amendment    06/12/2017 pdf-icon
Ordinance O2017-007 Adoption   06/05/2017 pdf-icon 
Ordinance O2017-006 Adoption   04/18/2017pdf-icon 
UPS Distribution Center Expansion 04/13/2017 pdf-icon  04/28/2017 pdf-icon
SEPA Exemption Thresholds    03/28/2017 pdf-icon 
Pritchett Family Partnership Phase III 03/21/2017 pdf-icon 04/10/2017 pdf-icon
Ordinance O2017-005 Adoption    03/09/2017 pdf-icon
Ordinance O2017-003 Adoption   01/31/2017 pdf-icon
Ordinance O2016-024 Adoption   01/19/2017 pdf-icon 
Tumwater Compressor Station WCF  01/12/2017 pdf-icon 01/30/2017 pdf-icon 
Old Brewhouse Wetland Restoration  01/09/2017 pdf-icon  01/30/2017 pdf-icon
Mottman Village Mixed Use  01/04/2017 pdf-icon  01/31/2017 pdf-icon
Durell Road Warehouse 12/12/2016 pdf-icon 01/05/2017 pdf-icon 
80 West Apartments 11/30/2016 pdf-icon 01/05/2017 pdf-icon
Ordinance O2014-011 Adoption   11/29/2016 pdf-icon
Ordinance O2016-037 Amendments   11/23/2016pdf-icon 
I-5 Commerce Place 11/17/2016 pdf-icon   
Ordinance O2016-008 Amendments   10/26/2016 pdf-icon 
Ordinances O2016-021 - O2016-022 - O2016-023   10/18/2016 pdf-icon
85th Av Commercial Warehouses  10/10/2016 pdf-icon 12/01/2016 pdf-icon
Black Hills Soccer Field Lighting 10/07/2016 pdf-icon  10/24/2016 pdf-icon
Ordinance O2016-012 - Comprehensive Plan Update   09/23/2016 pdf-icon-sm
Kaufman Headquarters 08/25/2016 pdf-icon-sm 09/14/2016pdf-icon-sm
Ordinance O2016-013 - City-wide Design Guidelines   06/23/2016 pdf-icon-sm 
Ordinance O2016-010 - Preliminary Plat Time Extension Amendments  N/A  05/19/2016 pdf-icon-sm
Tumwater Middle School Addition 04/21/2016 pdf-icon-sm   
Bush Middle School Addition  02/18/2016 pdf-icon-sm   
Tumwater Falls Hatchery Redevelopment 01/26/2016 pdf-icon-sm   
Breweries Wineries Distilleries  N/A  01/21/2016 pdf-icon-sm 
Bedrock Apartments  11/23/2015pdf-icon-sm 01/07/2016 pdf-icon-sm 
DeLay Shop & ADU  11/16/2015pdf-icon-sm 05/12/2016 pdf-icon-sm
Floodplain Ordinance Zoning Text Amendments   N/A  11/03/2015 pdf-icon-sm
A&R Aviation Paint Booth 10/13/2015 pdf-icon-sm 11/04/2015 pdf-icon-sm 
Forest Park  10/06/2015 pdf-icon-sm 01/07/2016 pdf-icon-sm
The Reserve at Tumwater Senior Housing 09/23/2015pdf-icon-sm  
Toyota Dealership  09/18/2015 pdf-icon-sm 10/05/2015 pdf-icon-sm
2015-2021 Capital Facilities Plan  N/A  09/15/2015 pdf-icon-sm
Western Superior Steel Paint Booth 07/23/2015 pdf-icon-sm 08/10/2015 pdf-icon-sm
Pepsi NW Beverage Effluent Discharge Facility 07/20/2015 pdf-icon-sm 08/04/2015 pdf-icon-sm
Text Amendment Neighborhood Commercial Zone   N/A  06/04/2015 pdf-icon-sm
Adopt Ordinance No. O2015-001  TUM-15-0365   N/A  05/07/2015 pdf-icon-sm 
Tumwater Historical Park Trail Connection TUM-15-0234 03/25/2015 pdf-icon-sm 04/24/2015 pdf-icon-sm
Costco Wholesale Fuel Facility Expansion TUM-14-0836 02/20/2015pdf-icon-sm 3/10/2015 pdf-icon-sm
Ordinance O2014-012 - Neighborhood Commercial Zone District Amendments  N/A  1/28/2015 pdf-icon-sm
Evergreen Direct Credit Union - TUM-14-0159 1/07/2015pdf-icon-sm 1/23/2015 pdf-icon-sm
The Reserve Senior Housing - Retail - TUM-12-0313 1/05/2015pdf-icon-sm 1/21/2015 pdf-icon-sm
Stephens Warehouse 11/25/2014 pdf-icon-sm 12/11/2014 pdf-icon-sm 
Proposed Ordinance No. O2014-018 TUM-14-0890  N/A  10/10/2014 pdf-icon-sm
Sign Regulations - TUM-14-0766  N/A  10/08/2014 pdf-icon-sm
Tumwater Brewery Planned Action EIS  N/A  9/18/2014 pdf-icon-sm
2014-2019 Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) TUM-14-0694   N/A  9/15/2014 pdf-icon-sm
UPS Modular Structure Addition TUM-14-0711 9/10/2014pdf-icon-sm 9/25/2014 pdf-icon-sm
Herburger Wetland Reasonable Use - TUM-14-0536 & TUM-14-0538 7/14/2014 pdf-icon-sm 7/31/2014pdf-icon-sm
Ordinance O2014-008 - Off-Street Parking Amendments - TUM-14-0531   N/A  7/10/2014pdf-icon-sm
Trosper Ridge Division 2  6/18/2014 pdf-icon-sm 7/3/2014 pdf-icon-sm
Palermo Wellfield Rehabilitation - TUM-14-0366  N/A  6/24/2014 pdf-icon-sm
Motor Vehicle Sales Zoning Text Amendment - TUM-14-0458  N/A  6/24/2014 pdf-icon-sm
Brewery District Zone and Comprehensive Plan Amendments - TUM-14-0450   N/A   6/16/2014 pdf-icon-sm  
Sewer Comprehensive Plan Amendments - TUM-14-0429  N/A  6/6/2014  pdf-icon-sm 
Ordinance O2014-006 - Sign Code Amendments - TUM-14-0352   N/A  5/13/2014 pdf-icon-sm
La Quinta Inn & Suites - TUM-14-0295 4/18/2014pdf-icon-sm 5/23/2013 pdf-icon-smtd>
Capitol Blvd. Overlay Project - TUM-14-0301 4/16/2014   6/9/2014pdf-icon-sm
Olympia Heliport Phase 3 - TUM-13-0802 2/24/2014pdf-icon-sm 3/12/2014pdf-icon-sm
AA Propane - TUM-14-0146 2/27/2014pdf-icon-sm 3/18/2014pdf-icon-sm

Past Projects

For your convenience, records from the current year are available on the City's website. For records from prior years, search the Tumwater Records Center.

About Notice of Application

A notice of application is a notice issued on all project permit applications for which the Tumwater Hearing Examiner has decision making authority, or SEPA is required. See Hearing Examiner for more information and schedule of hearings.

About the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

The State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) provides a way to identify possible environmental impacts that may result from governmental decisions. These decisions may be related to issuing permits for private projects, constructing public facilities, or adopting regulations, policies, or plans. Information provided during the SEPA review process helps agency decision-makers, applicants, and the public understand how a proposal will affect the environment. This information can be used to change a proposal to reduce likely impacts, or to condition or deny a proposal when adverse environmental impacts are identified.

SEPA Information Bulletinpdf-icon-sm


Contact the Community Development Department at (360) 754-4180 or email for assistance.