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Annexation into the City

Annexation is the process of expanding the City limits to include properties currently outside the City. Some of the reasons given by applicants for annexing to Tumwater is greater access to City water, sewer, elected officials, and emergency services. Annexation is a requirement for hooking up to City water or sewer services.  The City has one council member for approximately every 2,900 residents, whereas the County only has one commissioner for every 91,000 residents. As of 2015, Tumwater provides over four times as many officers per thousand residents than Thurston County. The City provides 1.4 commissioned officers per thousand residents, whereas the County provides 0.3 commissioned officers per thousand residents.

In instances where the annexation is not possible, for example the property is too far away from the City limits, the property owner may sign a Power of Attorney (POA) in exchange for access to City water or sewer. The POA, often referred to as an annexation agreement, allows the City to annex the property in the future.

The Tumwater Annexation brochure contains further information and answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding annexation.

Tumwater Annexation Brochure (2014) pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

Annexation is governed by State law (RCW 35A.14). Due to the specific procedures and timelines spelled out in the RCWs, annexations take close to a year to complete, and involve multiple public meetings and hearings. The City has the right to refuse to annex any property. More information on annexations can be found in the Annexation Handbook by the Municipal Research and Services Center. 


Littlerock Road (auction yard & power lines vicinity) Annexation

  • Completed and effective January 9, 2018 (Ordinance No. O2017-031 & 032)

806 Yelm Highway Annexation

  •  Completed and effective June 4, 2018 (Ordinance No. O2018-012)

 Sapp Road Annexation

  • Completed and effective September 11, 2018 (Ordinance No. O2018-024)

Map of Completed Annexations from 1916 to 2018 pdf-icon-sm (6 MB)

This map shows annexations from the past 100 years. Each is designated with an ordinance number. You can use the Tumwater Records Center to look up an ordinance number and find out more information about a specific annexation. Use the "City Clerk" folder followed by the "Ordinances" folder.

Contact Information

If you have questions or are considering applying for annexation please call the Tumwater Community Development Department at (360) 754-4180 or e-mail at