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Long Range Planning

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Long Range Planning Division 

The Long Range Planning Division maintains the Comprehensive Plan, conducts subarea planning efforts, processes rezones, code amendments, annexations, and tracks and monitors the requirements related to the Washington State Growth Management Act. The Long Range Planning division also implements a number of long-term projects that collect public participation, enhance the economic well being of residents, and improve the overall livability and quality of life in the City and Urban Growth Area.

Major Projects Underway

Bush Prairie Habitat Conservation Plan

Tumwater/Thurston County Joint Plan

Urban Forestry Management Plan

Thurston Regional Climate Mitigation Plan

Long Range Planning Documents

Comprehensive Plan
Zoning Code - Title 18
Zoning Map
 pdf-icon-sm (26 MB)
Shoreline Master Program pdf-icon-sm (5 MB)

Other Plans and Documents

City-wide Plans

Commute Trip Reduction Plan (2008) pdf-icon-sm (9 MB)
Climate Change Actions
Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan for the Thurston Region
City Gateway Design (2010)
pdf-icon-sm (1 MB)
City Wayfinding Signage Master Plan
(2008) pdf-icon-sm (21 MB)

Subarea Plans

Brewery District Plan (2014)
Capitol Boulevard Corridor Planning Project (2014)
Littlerock Road Subarea Plan (2018)
 pdf-icon-sm(4 MB)

Black Hills Subarea Transportation Plan (2002) pdf-icon-sm (28 MB)
Town Center Street Design Plan (2004) pdf-icon-sm (4 MB) (Amended 2019)

Old Brewhouse Plans and Studies

Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) pdf-icon-sm (8 MB)

Appendix A - Determination of Significance, Scoping, and Scoping Comments pdf-icon-sm (20 MB)
Appendix B - Maps (Project Area, Critical Areas, Zoning, Delineated Wetlands, and Shoreline)
 pdf-icon-sm (4 MB)
Appendix C - Final Geotechnical Engineering Studies (June 2015)
 pdf-icon-sm (3 MB)
Appendix D - Traffic Impact Analysis
 pdf-icon-sm (3 MB)
Appendix E - Infrastructure Analysis
 pdf-icon-sm (1 MB)
Appendix F - Wetland and Shoreline Report (June 2015)
 pdf-icon-sm (8 MB)
Appendix G - Hazardous Materials Report (May 2015)
 pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)
Appendix H - Draft EIS Public Comments
 pdf-icon-sm (5 MB)
Appendix I - Draft EIS Comment Responses
 pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

Market Analysis for the Old Brewhouse Site (2014) pdf-icon-sm (8 MB)
Brewery Visioning Project Final Report (2011)
 pdf-icon-sm (6 MB)
Brewery Action Plan (2011)
 pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)
Brewery Report - Cultural Resources Survey (2006)
 pdf-icon-sm (20 MB)
Old Brewhouse Infrastructure Analysis (2005)
 pdf-icon-sm (15 MB)
Old Brewhouse Estimated Market Value (1997)
 pdf-icon-sm (4 MB)
Old Brewhouse Environmental Assessment Phase 1 (1997)
pdf-icon-sm (4 MB)
Old Brewhouse Environmental Assessment Phase 2 (1997)
 pdf-icon-sm (9 MB)
Old Brewhouse Long Range Plan (1996)
 pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)
New Market Historic District Master Plan (1993)
 pdf-icon-sm (3 MB)
Railroad Right of Way Preservation Plan (1992)
 pdf-icon-sm (5 MB)

Other Plans

Salmon Creek Basin

Boards and Commissions

Planning Commission 

Tree Board

Work Program

2019 Long Range Planning Work Program pdf-icon-sm (<1 MB)

The annual long range planning work program typically consists of proposals to amend the City’s comprehensive plan, zoning code, and other land use development regulations. The Community Development Department maintains a list of proposed amendments that are compiled throughout the year. Amendments are typically proposed by the City Council, Planning Commission, property owners, and staff.
The City reviews a draft work program at the beginning of each year. The City Council makes the final decision on the program’s scope and content. The Planning Commission, which is a citizen advisory commission appointed by and advisory to the City Council, is then responsible for addressing items on the work program, preparing amendments, and making recommendations to the City Council.

Ginther, DavidSenior PlannerCommunity Development(360) 754-4180
Matlock, MikeCommunity Development DirectorCommunity Development(360) 754-4180
Medrud, BradPlanning ManagerCommunity Development(360) 754-4180