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A Resolution is a statement or course of action adopted by the City Council. A Resolution is less formal than an Ordinance.  

Below are the current year’s and last year's Resolutions which can be viewed and printed by clicking on the Resolution Number.  If you would like to view older Resolutions, please visit the Tumwater Records Center where you can view them and print out a PDF. 

2018 Resolutions

 Resolutions Description  Date Passed 
R2018-001-S1 Election for Fireworks Petition 01-02-2018 
R2018-002  806 Yelm Highway Annexation  02-20-2018 
R2018-004 Right of Way Vacation - The Grange  02-20-2018 
R2018-005  Right of Way Vacation - The Craft District  02-06-2018 
R2018-006  Appointing Committee "For" Initiative No. 1  02-20-2018 
R2018-007  Appointing Committee "Against" Initiative No. 1  02-20-2018 
R2018-009  Opposition of Fireworks Initiative No.1  04-03-2018 
R2018-010  Adopt Comprehensive Financial Policies  04-03-2018 
R2018-011  Six Year Transportation Improvement Program TIP 2019-2024  04-17-2018 
R2018-012  Sapp Road Island Annexation  06-05-2018
R2018-013  In Support of Heritage Capitol Projects Grant  05-01-2018 
R2018-014  Surplus Property  06-05-2018 
R2018-015  Regional Climate Mitigation Plan Emissions Target 06-19-2018 
R2018-016  Homelessness & Affordable Housing  07-17-2018 
R2018-017  Creation of Metropolitan Park District  06-19-2018 
R2018-018  For Committee for Metropolitan Park District Proposition No. 1  07-17-2018 
R2018-019  Against Committee for Metropolitan Park District Proposition No. 1 
R2018-020  2019-2024 Council Strategic Priorities & Goals  07-17-2018 
R2018-021  Shoreline Master Program  09-18-2018 
R2018-023  Surplus Property  07-17-2018 
R2018-024  TRPC Fiscal Agent for WRIA 13  08-21-2018 
R2018-025  Surplus Property  09-18-2018 
R2018-026  Fee Resolution  12-04-2018 
R2018-027  In Support of Metropolitan Park District  09-18-2018 
R2018-028  In Support of IT Sales Tax Proposition  10-16-2018 
R2018-029  In Support of Carbon Tax Initiative Measure No. 1631  10-16-2018 
R2018-030  Amending the City's Utility Assistance Program  10-16-2018 
R2018-031  Surplus Property  11-20-2018 
R2018-032  Waiving Competitive bidding requirements for purchase of bricks from Mutual Materials  11-05-2018 
R2018-034  Policy for authorizing the waiver of competitive bidding requirements  12-18-2018 

2017 Resolutions

 Resolutions Description  Date Passed 
R2017-001 Fee Resolution 01-03-2017
R2017-002  Multi-Family House Tax Exemption Program  04-20-2017 
R2017-003   Roadside Memorial Policy  04-04-2017  
R2017-004  Affirming Tumwater's Commitment to Diversity & Safety   02-21-2017 
R2017-005  Delegation of Signature Authority  03-07-2017 
R2017-006  Surplus Property  03-07-2017 
R2017-008  Lana Lane Emergency Sewer Repair  04-04-2017 
R2017-010  2016 GMA Periodic Update Completion  06-06-2017 
R2017-011   2018-2023 Transportation Improvement Program  06-20-2017 
R2017-012  Surplus Property  06-20-2017 
R2017-013  Hazard Mitigation Plan  08-01-2017 
R2017-014  Surplus Property  07-18-2017 
R2017-015  Opt-out of the Cultural Arts & Stadium District  07-18-2017 
R2017-016  Littlerock Road North Annexation  10-03-2017 
R2017-017  Littlerock Road South Annexation  10-03-2017 
R2017-018  Surplus Property  09-05-2017 
R2017-019  2018-2023 Capital Facilities Plan 11-21-2017
R2017-020  Sole Source Pumper - Fire Pumper  01-16-2018 
R2017-021  Surplus Property  12-05-2017 
R2017-022 Fee Resolution 12-05-2017
R2017-023 Public Records Fee Update 11-21-2017
R2017-024  Comprehensive Emergency Management Update  03-06-2018