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A Resolution is a statement or course of action adopted by the City Council. A Resolution is less formal than an Ordinance.  

Below are the current year’s and last year's Resolutions which can be viewed and printed by clicking on the Resolution Number.  If you would like to view older Resolutions, please visit the Tumwater Records Center where you can view them and print out a PDF. 

2020 Resolutions

 Resolutions Description  Date Passed 
R2020-001 Surplus Property  01-21-2020
R2020-002 Fee Resolution 01-21-2020
R2020-005  Mission, Vision, Beliefs & Strategic Priorities 2021-2026
R2020-008  Resolution of Emergency for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)  03-17-2020 

2019 Resolutions

 Resolutions Description  Date Passed 
R2019-001 Creating a U.S. Flag Recognition Program 04-02-2019 
R2019-002  Support for Deschutes Watershed Center  05-07-2019 
R2019-003  Six Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) 2020-2025  05-21-2019 
R2019-004  Interim Truck Stop Findings & Conclusions  04-16-2019 
R2019-005  Surplus Property  06-04-2019 
R2019-006  Implementation of Substitute House Bill 1406  07-16-2019 
R2019-007  Surplus Property  07-16-2019 
R2019-008  Multi-Family Housing Tax Exemption Program - Designated Residential Targeted Areas  12-17-2019 
R2019-010  Surplus Property  10-15-2019 
R2019-011  In Support of TCOMM 911 Ballot Measure  10-01-2019 
R2019-012  Collective Position Opposing I-976  10-15-2019 
R2019-013  Fee Resolution  12-03-2019 
R2019-014  SR5/Trosper Road Interchange - Limited Access Hearing Findings & Order  10-15-2019