City Ordinances

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Ordinances are formal written actions of the City Council and are the laws of the City. Ordinances are codified as the Tumwater Municipal Code (TMC). The Tumwater Municipal Code is a collection of all the regulatory and penal ordinances and certain administrative ordinances of the City. Once an Ordinance is adopted by the City Council, it is sent to Code Publishing to become a part of the Tumwater Municipal Code.

Below are the current year’s and last year's Ordinances which can be viewed and printed by clicking on the Ordinance Number.  If you would like to view older Ordinances, please visit the Tumwater Records Center where you can view them and print out a PDF. 

2018 Ordinances

 Ordinances Description  Date Passed 
O2018-006  2018 Comprehensive Plan Amendments & Associated Rezones  01-15-2019 
O2018-007 2018 Annual Housekeeping Development Code Amendments  10-16-2018 
O2018-008 Right of Way Vacation - Craft District  03-06-2018 
O2018-009  Right of Way Vacation - the Grange  03-20-2018 
O2018-010  Wellhead Protection Update  08-21-2018 
O2018-011  Amending TMC 3.36.030, Cumulative Reserve Fund  04-03-2018 
O2018-012  Tyee Drive Special Connection Charge - Water  05-15-2018 
O2018-013  Tyee Drive Special Connection Charge - Sewer  05-15-2018 
O2018-014  Tyee Drive Special Connection Charge - Storm Drain  05-15-2018 
O2018-015  70th Avenue Special Connection Charge - Water  07-17-2018 
O2018-016  70th Avenue Special Connection Charge - Sewer  07-17-2018 
O2018-017  806 Yelm Highway Annexation  04-17-2018 
O2018-020  B&O Tax Code Changes - TMC 5.04 & 5.08  09-18-2018 
O2018-021 Right of Way Vacation - Craft District  08-21-2018 
O2018-023  Civil Enforcement Code Amendments - TMC 1.10  10-16-2018 
O2018-024  Sapp Road Island Annexation  09-04-2018 
O2018-025  Telecommunications  12-18-2018 
O2018-027  Ad Valorem for Regular Property Taxes 2019  11-20-2018 
O2018-028  2019-2020 Biennial Budget Adoption  12-04-2018 
O2018-029  2018 Neighborhood Commerical Zoning Code Amendments  01-15-2019 

2017 Ordinances

 Ordinances Description  Date Passed 
O2017-002  Cottage Housing  02-21-2017 
O2017-003  RSR Residential / Sensitive Resource Zone District Amendments  04-18-2017 
O2017-004  Multi-Family Housing Tax Exemption Program 04-18-2017 
O2017-006  Revisions to the Conditional Use Permit Process, Title 18  07-18-2017 
O2017-008  SEPA Thresholds & Notice of Application 09-05-2017 
O2017-009 Employment Agreement  04-04-2017 
O2017-010  Amends TMC 2.68.010 & New Section 2.68.050, Civil Service Examiner  05-02-2017 
O2017-011  Lodging Tax Advisory Committee - codify & expand  06-06-2017 
O2017-014  Beekeeping  07-18-2017 
O2017-015  Amendments to TMC 2.62, Historic Preservation  04-17-2018 
O2017-017 Business Park Zone District Elimination 09-21-2017
O2017-018 Wetland System Rating Update 10-17-2017
O2017-019 Drive Through Use Standards 12-05-2017
O2017-022 2017 Development Code Update - Housekeeping 12-05-2017
O2017-023  Warehouse Standards  07-17-2018 
O2017-024  2017 Comprehensive Plan Amendments  01-16-2018 
O2017-025  The Grange Development Agreement  01-16-2018 
O2017-027 Ad Valorem Regular Property Taxes - Fiscal Year 2018 09-21-2017 
O2017-028 Ad Valorem Special Property Tax 11-06-2017
O2017-029 2017-2018 Biennial Budget Amendment 12-05-2017
O2017-030  Airport Related Industrial  03-20-2018 
O2017-031  Littlerock Road North Annexation  01-02-2018 
O2017-032  Littlerock Road South Annexation  01-02-2018 
O2017-034  Special Water Connection Assessment for Tyee Drive 02-20-2018
O2017-035 Special Sewer Connection Assessment for Tyee Drive 02-20-2018 
O2017-036  Special Street Frontage Assessment for Tyee Drive  02-20-2018