Street and Sidewalk Maintenance Program

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Project Update

Road striping is scheduled on Thursday and Friday, October 5 and 6. Crews will also be adding crosswalks and traffic arrows, and installing raised pavement buttons on streets repaired under this year’s pavement maintenance program. 

The work will be on various streets throughout the City, including but not limited to: Capitol Boulevard, Crosby Boulevard, 93rd Avenue, Israel Road, 7th Avenue, Dennis Street, Gold Creek Drive, Miner Drive, 54th Avenue, Trails End Drive and others. 

If you travel on any streets where work is completed, expect minor delays. For painting operations, stay back from the paint truck to avoid splatter on your vehicle. A marked truck with flashing lights will be trailing the paint truck to guide you on how far back you should travel. Do not pass the paint striping equipment and do not drive across painted lines if you see striping activity in the area. 

If you get paint on your vehicle, wash it off immediately with warm soapy water but DO NOT SCRUB back and forth. 

For additional information on how to remove the paint, please contact the City of Tumwater Public Works at (360) 754-4140.

2017 Pavement Maintenance Project Overview

This summer the City will undertake its largest pavement maintenance and street repair project to date, making an investment to maintain our valuable transportation infrastructure citywide.

While these projects are necessary they will cause occasional traffic delays. City staff considers how traffic will be affected and works with the contractor to help minimize congestion, disruption to drivers and impacts to adjacent residents and businesses. However, disruptions are unavoidable and this work will impact traffic and access to homes and businesses during construction.

We appreciate your patience during construction.

Road Work Ahead


Stay Connected, Keep Informed

Familiarize yourself with the scheduled work and plan your trip accordingly. 

Expect traffic delays, detours and construction noise between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Drivers are advised to use alternate routes during paving hours.

Roads will remain open and restricted to flagger-controlled, one-lane traffic and reduced lanes.

Follow all instructions provided by traffic control including flaggers and signs while work is in progress.

On days when work is scheduled, all vehicles and other objects must be cleared from the street.

Project work on any particular street will be short-term, lasting from part of a day to about a week.

Weather and other factors will impact the project work schedule.

There are many ways to stay connected and keep informed about specific road segments and neighborhood paving projects.

Plan your route around road construction and traffic incidents with Construction & Traffic Alerts. The City provides email updates on the Pavement Maintenance project to keep you informed. 

emailSign Up today for Construction & Traffic Alerts.


Watch for signs like this on streets and in your neighborhood. City staff will post Street & Sidewalk Maintenance Program signs and deliver flyers to specific neighborhoods a few days prior to road work.

Slow down and drive at the posted speed limit in construction zones.

Scheduled Projects

The citywide work is scheduled to begin in mid-July with an anticipated completion date in early September. Specific road and neighborhood project updates will be announced throughout the summer.

Please keep in mind the schedule for all street maintenance projects is subject to change due to weather conditions, contractor equipment availability, emergencies or other unforeseen interruptions. This may impact the order in which the streets are scheduled for repair. 

Road projects selected for repair or overlay in 2017 with these primary factors in mind: high traffic and/or life-line routes, road segments with recurring issues, and road segments damaged during winter freezing and thawing.

Road segments and neighborhoods scheduled for improvement include:

 Full Lane Overlays and Inlays
  • Bates Street, 3rd Avenue to 5th Avenue
  • Boulevard, X Street to Trosper Road
  • Capitol Boulevard, North of Trosper Road to M Street
  • Center Street, Pat Kennedy Way to 78th Avenue
  • Crosby Boulevard, North of Dellrose Road to Barnes Blvd
  • Deschutes Parkway, Boston Street to 101 On-ramp
  • Henderson Boulevard, 73rd Avenue to Tumwater Boulevard
  • Somerset Hill Road, West of Mayfair Drive to East of Tyndell Circle
  • Somerset Hill Road, Thorpe Drive to Fortner Drive
  • 93rd Avenue, Tilley Road South to Tilley Road North 

Intermittent Repair Segments

  • Antsen Street at Sapp Road
  • Bonniewood Drive, at Peter G Schmidt MS
  • Capitol Boulevard, Dennis Street to X Street
  • Center Street, at 75th Avenue
  • Dennis Street, Tumwater High School Stadium to east of Capitol Boulevard
  • East Tumwater Hill area, Various Streets
  • Gold Creek Drive, 70th Avenue to Miner Drive
  • Israel Road, Interstate 5 to Capitol Boulevard
  • Miner Drive, Littlerock Road to Kirsop Road
  • 54th Avenue, Trosper Street to Rural Road
  • 93rd Avenue, Brooks Lane to City Limits

Crack Seal Segments

  • Various Streets throughout the City

Significant Full lane road width 
Full Depth Repair Segments

  • Barnes Boulevard, Crosby Boulevard to 7th Ave
  • Bates Street, 5th Avenue to 6th Avenue
  • Israel Road, Nikolas Street to Bonniewood Drive
  • Littlerock Road at Odegard Road
  • 7th Avenue, Linwood Avenue to Barnes Boulevard 



Find location information on the
2017 Street Maintenance Map pdf-icon-sm



Transportation Benefit District: Promises Made - Promises Kept

Transportation infrastructure is one of the City's most valuable investments. The Transportation Benefit District (TBD) was formed by the City Council in 2014 to replace the transportation funding used to preserve, maintain and expand the transportation infrastructure. In 2015, Tumwater voters approved a .02% sales and use tax for a period of ten years to fund street and sidewalk improvements, through the TBD.

Future projects will include additional focus on preservation. The City anticipates completing over $12,000,000 worth of road repair projects over the next 8 years.

Each year the City provides citizens of Tumwater with transportation improvement costs, expenditures, revenues, and construction schedules in the TBD annual report. 

2016 Transportation Benefit District Annual Report pdf-icon-sm