Message from Gov. Jay Inslee: Helping Our Fellow Americans

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Tropical Storm Harvey

The tragedy of Tropical Storm Harvey in Houston is impacting countless people. Our heartfelt response has to be strong and immediate.

As we hear more and more stories about the families hurt, trapped, or even killed by this horrific incident, I know we all feel called to help. We are one nation, and we all need to stand together during times like these.

It is up to all of us to help our families, friends, and fellow Americans in Texas. Please, donate today to help relief efforts in Texas in the wake of Tropical Storm Harvey.

Give what you can to the local organizations, on the ground, helping those affected by this terrible disaster. We've pulled together some local options here:

Disasters like what we're seeing in Texas cause so much devastation. But they can also inspire the best of us -- they bring us together to lift up our fellow Americans and support one another in our times of need. Today, we must make sure we can keep everyone as safe as possible.

Thank you for pitching in.

Very truly yours,
Governor Jay Inslee