Plugged Storm Drain

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Plugged or clogged storm drains can cause flooding

The storm drain system, for most developments, includes components that carry, store, cleanse, and release the stormwater.  These components work together to reduce the impacts of development on the environment.  These impacts can include: 
  • Flooding, which results in property damage and blocked emergency routes 
  • Erosion, which can cause damage to salmon spawning habitat
  • Pollution, which harms fish and/or drinking water supplies 
The storm drain system provides a safe method to carry stormwater to the treatment and storage areas.  If a storm drain is plugged or obscured in any way, stormwater, and all other runoff, will not be able to drain properly – this will lead to street flooding. 

Your assistance is welcome! 

Adopt-a-drain today! We ask that if citizens notice a storm drain is clogged, please help us out and try to remove whatever is clogging the drain.  

To report

If your efforts to unclog the storm drain yields no results, give us a call at (360) 754-4150 or submit a Report a Problem online form and we will come out to take care of it.