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City of Tumwater Strategic Priorities 2017-2022

The City Council has committed the organization to being mission-driven and beliefs-based, using the Vision, Mission and Beliefs adopted by the Council early in 2010. The City strives to have the Vision, Mission and Beliefs guide decision-making and planning throughout the organization.  Following the adoption of a Strategic Plan that included the Vision, Mission and Beliefs, the City Council adopted Strategic Priorities which are intended to address the City’s priorities for the expenditure of discretionary resources (money, staff, equipment, facilities) over the next 5-10 years. Based on discussion at the June 2016 Retreat, the City Council adopted revised Strategic Priorities on July 19, 2016, which are used by staff to develop budget recommendations and projects and program options to the extent resources are available. As listed, these Strategic Priorities reflect no priority ranking. 

Aggressively Pursue Targeted Community Development Opportunities

  • Facilitate brewery redevelopment
  • Rehabilitate the Historic Old Brewhouse
  • Rejuvenate the Brewery Neighborhood
  • Work with SPSCC and others to build Tumwater’s brand in support of the craft beverage industry
  • Review implementation of the Tumwater Town Center Plan
  • Implement the transformation of Capitol Boulevard
  • Work with a community task force to review and update the Economic Development Plan
  • Invite people working in Tumwater into the community (to live, shop, visit)
  • Continue efforts to market Tumwater city-wide as opportunities arise
  • Regularly review the progress on major plan initiatives and focus resources on implementation
  • Engage the Port in advancing economic development
  • Work with land owners, regulatory agencies, Port, and the community to mitigate the impacts of the Pocket Gopher listing

Build a Community Recognized for Quality

  • Pursue “quality of life” (e.g., trails, trees, parks) and aesthetic improvements (hanging baskets, public art, specialty and wayfinding signs, landscaping)
  • Partner with WDFW for the completion of the Deschutes Watershed Center
  • Preserve and showcase Tumwater’s history
  • Promote a community-based arts program
  • Grow an effective code enforcement program
  • Improve the quality of development with design guidelines
  • Work with government, non-profit, and private partners to provide more affordable housing and address homelessness
  • Explore with the School District greater partnerships and collaborations to improve the community
  • Provide high quality municipal facilities and parks

Create and Maintain a Transportation System for All Modes of Travel 

  • Construct an inter-connected bicycle and pedestrian system, including developing improved neighborhood connections and enhancing overall bicycle and pedestrian safety
  • Design and build the E Street Connection
  • Improve street and sidewalk maintenance
  • Complete the Tumwater Valley Trail
  • Explore and utilize lower cost pedestrian facilities (e.g., asphalt paths) as a transition to permanent and long-term facilities

Provide Quality Public Safety Services

  • Explore regional fire and emergency medical services
  • Work with the School District to provide a second SRO
  • Maintain public safety staffing for police and the two fire stations
  • Implement a code enforcement program
  • Implement the Emergency Management Plan for City operations and the public
  • Annex the unincorporated islands to enhance public safety

Refine and Sustain a Great Organization

  • Grow the capacity and abilities of our existing workforce
  • Be fiscally responsible and develop sustainable financial strategies
  • Develop and execute a Customer Service Program
  • Utilize technology to improve access, customer service, and efficiency
  • Continue to empower employees to improve organizational performance
  • Promote employee safety
  • Work with community partners to implement our goals to build a better community
  • Encourage greater community involvement by employees and officials
  • Continue to expand and explore effective methods to market Tumwater, tell our story, and engage citizens and businesses in City government and civic organizations
  • Maximize the Golf Course’s financial condition and benefits to the community
  • Expand community volunteer, leadership, and engagement programs
  • Construct a new public works maintenance facility
  • Implement long-term supplemental funding strategies to improve parks and recreation

Be a Leader in Environmental Sustainability

  • Reduce the City’s carbon footprint
  • Work with partners to preserve valuable open space and sensitive areas
  • Enhance the environment for bees and pollinators
  • Prepare for climate change
  • Expand electric vehicle infrastructure
  • Develop new approaches to tree preservation and urban forestry management
  • Reduce ground and surface water impacts associated with street and freeway runoff and urban activity
  • Work with regional partners to protect groundwater by connecting higher risk septic tanks to LOTT

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