How are we doing?

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How are we doing? 

The City of Tumwater continues to develop and refine tools to measure and report our performance. The links below provide information about a few of the ways we seek feedback on performance.

Reporting Results

As part of the City’s on-going commitment to improve transparency and communication with the public, a detailed report is compiled annually. The report is provided to elected policy makers, staff, and made available on the City’s website to the public. Highlights from the annual report are used to create the Report to the Taxpayers which is mailed to all Tumwater addresses.


Report to the Taxpayers


Detailed Annual Reports 

*Mayor's Presentation* 

Setting Goals & Priorities

The Tumwater City Council moved to a two-year budget cycle in 2013. The budget process reflects the City’s Strategic Priorities
City Budget

Measuring Performance

Performance measures can provide accountability and assist in evaluating public resource decisions. They allow policy makers (City Council) to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of services provided by our City, based on inputs and outcomes. Ideally, these results are compared to other local governments to determine efficiency and effectiveness of services. The City uses a number of tools to report performance to the community.

Community Surveys

Citizen feedback is important so we can act to improve public services. A community survey is conducted periodically, most recently in 2013 and 2016 by a third-party to gather feedback on City services and to inform updates to the City's Comprehensive Plan Elements. See the 2013 and 2016 Survey and Results below.

2016 Community Survey Results 

2016 Survey pdf-icon 

2013 Survey pdf-icon-sm

2013 Community Survey Results pdf-icon-sm


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