Heritage Trees

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Heritage Trees

Trees that have historical significance, by virtue of age, association to a historical structure, district, person or event, rare or unique species, or significant stand (grove) of trees can be designated as Heritage Trees, and therefore provided with special protections.


Citizens, City staff or the Tree Board can make nominations for Heritage Trees under one of the following categories. 
  1. Historical – A tree which by virtue of its age, its association with or contribution to a historical structure or district, or its association with a noted citizen or historical event.
  2. Specimen – Age, size, health, and quality factors combine to qualify the tree as unique among the species in Tumwater and Washington State.
  3. Rare – One or very few of a kind, or is unusual in some form of growth or species.
  4. Significant Grove – Outstanding rows or groups of trees that impact the city’s landscape.

Nominate a Heritage Tree

  1. Submit application to the Community Development Department. Include a short description of the tree(s), address or location, landowner’s name and phone number. The application must be signed by the landowner and nominator.
  2. Applications are reviewed by the tree board.
A. Trees can be nominated for designation by citizens, the Tumwater tree board, or city staff.
  1. Application for heritage tree designation must be submitted to the community development department. The application must include a short description of the trees, including address or location, and landowner’s name and phone number. The application must be signed by both the landowner and nominator.
  2. The tree board reviews the application and makes a recommendation to the city council.
  3. All heritage trees will be added to city tree inventory and public works maps.
B. Trees that are designated as heritage trees shall be classified as follows:
C. The city will provide an evaluation and recommendation for tree health and care and will provide up to one inspection annually upon request of the landowner. The city may, at its discretion, provide a plaque listing the owner’s name and/or tree species/location.
Additional information about Heritage Tree Removal or Heritage Tree Declassification can be found in the Tumwater Municipal Code 16.08.075.