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Up for Review Fall 2017

A healthy urban forest is essential  to maintain Tumwater’s natural beauty. By caring for and managing the trees in our community, the city not only protects the environment but provides ample benefits to those who live, work and recreate here. Some of those benefits include improvements to air quality, ground stability, scenery, and water filtration.

Because trees have such a significant impact on the community, the City of Tumwater provides guidance on selecting tree species and tree care (no topping) and requires a tree permit for removal. The Tree Board provides guidance to the City Council for tree policies and related urban forestry projects. 

Municipal Code

TMC 16.08 Protection of Trees and Vegetation 

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Approved Street Tree List

Prohibited Trees

Tree Care

Tree Permits

Tree Account

Tree Board

City Forester

Heritage Trees

Arbor Day

Tree City USA


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